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New video shows off planetary exploration in Elite: Dangerous - Horizons

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One of the major new features of the Horizons expansion to Elite: Dangerous is the ability to not only land your ship on bodies in deep space, but to also get out of the ship and explore. Frontier Developments released an excerpt from a recent live stream to show off both new aspects, as a developer took a circular tour of his landed Corvette on a small body.

Elite: Dangerous - Horizons is due to be released this coming Holiday 2015.

SRV gameplay shown off in live stream for Elite: Dangerous - Horizons expansion

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Frontier Developments had another live stream for their upcoming Horizons expansion which will greatly expand the gameplay of their spaceship simulation Elite: Dangerous.

Devs discuss upcoming planetary landing feature for Elite: Dangerous

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Frontier discussed and showed off a new upcoming feature coming to Elite: Dangerous - Planetary Landings - that will arrive later this year.

Here's a brief glimpse at planetary exploration in Elite: Dangerous

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Elite: Dangerous' forthcoming Horizons expansion will introduce a number of new features to the space sim, including the ability to land on planets and take a closer look around for valuable minerals and other treats.

Judging by this brief gameplay clip, much of what you will see will be a great big expanse of brown dirt. This is because early landing zones will mostly be atmosphere-less rocks in space, while developer Frontier prepares the tech for more varied, Earth-like climates.

Close Quarters Combat mode debuts in Elite: Dangerous

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The Xbox One version of Elite: Dangerous launches today, and with it a new gameplay mode which will also be available in the PC version: Close Quarters Combat. The new mode will allow for players to engage in PvP dogfights with their ships.

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