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David Braben's Elite: Dangerous is officially released, £10,000 prize for 'Triple Elite'

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It's been a long time coming but the Elite series finally has its fourth instalment as Elite: Dangerous officially launches. Frontier Developments has a special £1,000 prize for the first 'Elite' status player.

That means someone needs to achieve a mastery of combat, trading or exploration. There's an even greater prize of £10,000 for the one who masters all three. Elite: Dangerous is available now.

Gamma 2.00 drops for Elite: Dangerous, launch trailer released

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Gamma 2.00 dropped yesterday for space exploration and (if you play anything like me) piracy simulator Elite: Dangerous. They've also given us a brand new, shiny launch trailer.

Added in Gamma 2.00 are two new ships, new slavery missions for the morally bankrupt, route planning, and about a hundred other things.

Elite: Dangerous Beta progress won't be wiped at launch

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Most of Elite: Dangerous' loyal cadre of Beta testers will be happy to hear that their process will not be erased when the game launches on December 16.

The news was announced by developer Frontier Developments in a post on the game's official forums, though the reception wasn't one hundred per cent positive.

Elite: Dangerous enters 'Gamma' pre-launch phase, beta period officially ends

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Frontier Developments has announced the end of the beta for Elite: Dangerous as the space sim enters its 'Gamma' phase in the run up to launch December 16th. This is the final development build.

This opens up the "full 400 Billion star systems," and those who've pre-ordered Elite: Dangerous can download and play single-player combat missions from this Wednesday, November 26th.

Elite: Dangerous Beta 3.9 update released, Frontier post lengthy patch notes

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The space faring Elite: Dangerous is now at Beta 3.9 thanks to the latest patch release from developer Frontier, and there's a massive list of changes and new content to trawl through on the official forums.

There's new missions, mission branching, permits and more permits, custom Earth and Mars, and a gas giant's worth of stability fixes and other tweaks. No offline 'fix' though, sorry.

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