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Amplitude's sci-fi fantasy empire builder certainly has the look, but does it have the goods to back that up?.

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Endless Legend getting Shifters expansion in April

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Developer Amplitude hosted an Endless Day in which several major announcements for games in the Endless series were made, including the debut of Endless Space 2. Another less heralded release was announced which will be arriving this April: an expansion for Endless Legend called "Shifters".

Endless Space 2 will be coming to Steam Early Access soon

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Amplitude Studios has been making a day of it with their Endless Day promotion. The studio that created fantastic titles such as Endless Space and Endless Legend is using the day to promote a wealth of fresh and upcoming content, one of the biggest of which is that Endless Space 2 will be appearing in Steam Early Access sometime within the coming months.

Endless Legend offers free update alongside two new DLC packs

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Endless Legend is a city-building strategy game from French developer Amplitude studios where the player must take on the role of one of twelve factions and conquer rivals or seek knowledge that might save you from extinction at the hands of the dying world around you. A massive influx of content has come to the game today in the form a free update and two new DLC packs.

Upcoming DLC revealed for Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless

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Amplitude has revealed in a blog post some of the upcoming downloadable content that will be coming to their games Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless. The content will be released in the next couple of days on both games.

Espionage-focused Endless Legend expansion Shadows is out today

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Amplitude Studios has released Shadows, the latest expansion for its gorgeous fantasy 4X Endless Legend. It introduces a brand new faction, The Forgotten, as well as a new espionage system that lets players indulge their sneaky side.

As every Endless Legend players knows, it's the new faction that you should get excited about; The Forgotten are masters of deception and subterfuge, who pack a few nasty cloaked units who can sneak attack enemy troops.

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