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Endless Legend Summary


Endless Legend Review

Amplitude's sci-fi fantasy empire builder certainly has the look, but does it have the goods to back that up?.

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Amplitude Studios Announce Horatio Faction For Endless Space 2 Alongside Heavy Title Discounts

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Back for another year, Amplitude Studios laid out the plans for their annual 'Endless Day' - a celebration that, sadly for those at the studio, does have a morning after.

Endless Legend Expansion Tempest Coming To Steam

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Amplitude Studios announced today that Endless Legend: Tempest, the newest expansion for its award-winning 4X strategy game, will be available on Steam, Friday, October 14. The new expansion boasts a host of new features including a new faction, the Morgawr.

The Tempest expansion is set to be Endless Legend’s most ambitious update yet with new sea battle scenarios and a new Fomorian minor faction. The new unpredictable weather system and new Sea Monsters are set to work nicely with the naval focused Morgawr faction.

Tempest expansion adds naval warfare to Endless Legend

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Endless Legend, the fantasy 4X title from Amplitude Studios, will be getting a new expansion focused on naval warfare, the developer today announced. The expansion will include new units, undersea relics, weather effects that alter sailing conditions, new oceanic regions, and a new major faction.

Shifters DLC for Endless Legend gets April 7th launch date

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Back in January, Amplitude Studios announced a new Shifters expansion for Endless Legend. The studio has revealed that the DLC will be officially launched this coming April 7th.

Endless Legend getting Shifters expansion in April

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Developer Amplitude hosted an Endless Day in which several major announcements for games in the Endless series were made, including the debut of Endless Space 2. Another less heralded release was announced which will be arriving this April: an expansion for Endless Legend called "Shifters".

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