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Endless Space 2 will be coming to Steam Early Access soon

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Amplitude Studios has been making a day of it with their Endless Day promotion. The studio that created fantastic titles such as Endless Space and Endless Legend is using the day to promote a wealth of fresh and upcoming content, one of the biggest of which is that Endless Space 2 will be appearing in Steam Early Access sometime within the coming months.

Amplitude's Endless universe is free to play on Steam this weekend

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Endless Legend was one of the most beautiful games released last year, and a damned fine 4X game in its own right. I didn't quite get on with it as well as other reviewers seemed to (I found the interface a bit clunky and the combat occasionally frustrating), but I still had a lot of fun getting to know its various unique races – it has some of the best faction design I've ever seen.

If you've yet to dive into developer Amplitude's beautifully designed fantasy world, this weekend's as good a time as any to do so – Endless Legend and its rogue-like dungeon–crawler spin-off Dungeon of the Endless are both free to play on Steam this weekend.

Steam Autumn Sale surges Amplitude's Endless series over 1.2 million

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Indie developer Amplitude Studios has seen their Endless series of games rocket past 1.2 million sales, as it enjoyed the top spot during Steam's Autumn Sale. Endless Legend led Black Friday sales.

The French studio was founded over two-and-a-half years ago. The co-operative Dungeon of the Endless performed as well, which is the only non-4X title in the Endless series.

Amplitude releases free content updates for Endless Legend and Endless Space‏

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Amplitude Studios has been hard at work cooking up a heady brew of new content for its two flagship 4X games, the fantasy-flavoured Endless Legend and the sci-fi Endless Space.

Legends add-on Visions of the Unseen adds a new community-chosen minor faction, the 'Eyeless One', plus 10 new side-quests and some other enhancements, while Endless Space's Chronicles of the Lost adds eight new exploration random events, 24 colonization random Events, a new Vaulters introduction and more.

Endless Legend available today on Steam Early Access

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The fantasy 4X strategy Endless Legend from Endless Space developer Amplitude Studios is today available on Steam Early Access. It's a turn-based 4X set on the "dying planet" of Auriga with eight factions.

We'll be building up our chosen faction into a nation of supremacy in randomly generated, hexagonal worlds dotted with smaller factions. This is an alpha release.

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