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Endless Legend available today on Steam Early Access

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The fantasy 4X strategy Endless Legend from Endless Space developer Amplitude Studios is today available on Steam Early Access. It's a turn-based 4X set on the "dying planet" of Auriga with eight factions.

We'll be building up our chosen faction into a nation of supremacy in randomly generated, hexagonal worlds dotted with smaller factions. This is an alpha release.

4X fantasy Endless Legend coming to Steam Early Access in Q2 2014

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Amplitude Studios, creator of Endless Space, is bringing their new 4X strategy to the Early Access program through Steam in Q2 2014. It's a fantasy-based 4X set on a single world recovering from a cataclysm.

It features the The Vaulters, the "most sci-fi like faction" of Legend, and also part of the wider Endless universe. Amplitude will be introducing factions in a series of reveals.

Iceberg happy to 'be in the mix' with space 4X, "don't want to be all powerful"

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Iceberg Interactive, galactic advocates of the space 4X genre, acknowledge they can see why PC gamers might see them as 'champions' of the genre but really are just happy to do their part in the market.

The publisher isn't after the big guys like EA or Activison, and so have focused instead on niche markets like space 4X, which has proven the "most important for us."

In the Shadow of Orion

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Joe Robinson talks to Iceberg's CEO about how they've become the champions of the space 4X genre.

Endless Space gains a fifth free add-on, Search for Auriga now out

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Amplitude Studios has just released their fifth free add-on for space 4X Endless Space. The Search for Auriga requires the Disharmony expansion to work and will download as a regular update through Steam.

New heroes, new wonders and a new planet: Auriga, are all part of the free content goody bag. Amplitude also confirm that "2 further titles" are in development for Endless.