Etherium is a real-time strategy game set in a science-fiction universe, where three factions battle it out for a mysterious and rare resource known as ‘Etherium’.
EU & US Release date: 26 Mar, 2015

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Focus Home Interactive releases launch trailer for ambitious sci-fi RTS Etherium

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Focus Home Interactive have only gone and unleashed a rather natty-looking launch trailer for Etherium, the ambitious sci-fi RTS by Tindalos Interactive.

The game is set to release this Wednesday on March 25th and can be pre-purchased here.

Etherium multiplayer beta now open for pre-order customers

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Tindalos Interactive recently set a release date for its sci-fi RTS Etherium, and now they've opened up the game's multiplayer beta to anyone who pre-orders a copy.

The beta gives players access to the full roster of multiplayer content, as well as some singleplayer tutorials to help you get into the swing of managing your futuristic armies.

Sci-fi RTS Etherium on the way March 25, developer releases Conquest mode walkthrough video

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News regarding Tindalos Interactive's sci-fi RTS Etherium has been kind of thin on the ground since it was revealed early last year, but the developer has now announced a release date of March 25.

Etherium takes place in a colourful sci-fi universe in which three empires are locked in a ruthless struggle to control the Etherium, a mysterious and valuable resource found only on a handful of planets.

Four-minute gameplay trailer for Etherium released

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Tindalos Interactive has released a bumper four minute gameplay trailer for its upcoming sci-fi RTS Etherium, showing off the game's three factions and key mechanics.

There's a few other interesting things in the game that you'll get to check out here; different weather events will pop up to disrupt the strategy action, while various sub-factions can be recruited to fight in your armies.

Get VIP access to the Etherium beta with Strategy Informer

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Say, do you like real-time strategy? Big robots? Lasers and explosions? Well it's your lucky day. The chaps over at Tindalos Interactive are kicking off a Beta for their sci-fi RTS Etherium this week, and Strategy Informer fans can get VIP priority access.

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