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Four-minute gameplay trailer for Etherium released

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Tindalos Interactive has released a bumper four minute gameplay trailer for its upcoming sci-fi RTS Etherium, showing off the game's three factions and key mechanics.

There's a few other interesting things in the game that you'll get to check out here; different weather events will pop up to disrupt the strategy action, while various sub-factions can be recruited to fight in your armies.

Get VIP access to the Etherium beta with Strategy Informer

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Say, do you like real-time strategy? Big robots? Lasers and explosions? Well it's your lucky day. The chaps over at Tindalos Interactive are kicking off a Beta for their sci-fi RTS Etherium this week, and Strategy Informer fans can get VIP priority access.

It's all-out alien war in the new Etherium trailer

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Etherium is the upcoming sci-fi RTS from Tindalos Interactive, and it's just got a brand new trailer. This one shows the three factions, Humans, Vectides and Intari, kicking the hell out of each other on an ice world and a volcanic planet (two locations every sci-fi franchise is required to contain by international law).

Etherium receives teaser from Focus Home, sci-fi RTS with three factions

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The first teaser trailer with in-game footage for sci-fi real-time strategy Etherium has been released. It sports three factions battling it out across worlds for a valuable resource. Each has their own unique ability.

Infantry, tanks, aircraft and 'colossi' will be battling it out with a dynamic weather system affecting tactical play. Etherium also has a non-linear campaign with multiple online modes.

Stellar Impact developer Tindalos announces new sci-fi RTS Etherium

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Focus Home Interactive has announced a new sci-fi real-time strategy game by Stellar Impact developer Tindalos Interactive, Etherium. The RTS is due to be released on PC in June 2014.

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