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Turtle Rock show Solo Gameplay video for Evolve, both as the monster and hunters

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Evolve is Turtle Rock's new four-player shooter, but with a twist! It's actually 4 vs. 1, but just because everything up till now has been blowing the multiplayer trumpet, it doesn't mean solo gamers are left out.

A new Solo Gameplay Experience video of in-game play has been released that's over 22 minutes long, and we get to see first the monster in action before switching to the hunters, where you can hot-swap.

Turtle Rock co-founder responds to Evolve pre-order DLC criticism

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It's fair to say that some fans weren't entirely impressed when developer Turtle Rock revealed the entirety of co-op monster hunter Evolve's pre-launch DLC.

With the most expensive editions heading north of $90, fans were rather unhappy to see a huge amount of content gated off behind exclusive retailer deals and limited edition exclusives.

Evolve PC requirements out, demands evolution to 64bit OS

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Turtle Rock has just released the minimum and recommended PC specs for Evolve, the 4-vs-1 shooter where hunters face off against an evolving predatory monster that can literally evolve as it consumes.

One thing's for sure, it's hungry for a 64bit operating system. It's no King's ransom like The Witcher 3, but it wants some muscle and you're going to need it as SLI support won't be ready for launch.

Bumper batch of Evolve tutorial videos for several multiplayer game modes

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Turtle Rock has released a batch of tutorial videos for Evolve that detail each of the monster-hunting co-op game's multiplayer modes.

There's one each for Evacuation, Defend, Hunt, Nest, and Rescue. The most interesting of these is probably the multi-stage Evacuation mode.

Turtle Rock's multiplayer co-op shooter Evolve gets story trailer

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Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock Studios is working on their new asymmetrical co-op shooter Evolve, which pits 4 players vs. 1 loner.

While it does hardly seem fair Turtle Rock is throwing four puny hunters against an ever-growing (evolving) monster, we're assured it will be fun times indeed. A new story trailer is now out.

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