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Grand Theft Auto V 'sells nearly' 52 million copies, Evolve at 2.5 million

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In the latest Take-Two fiscal report the publisher has revealed they've "sold-in nearly 52 million" units of Grand Theft Auto V across PC and consoles. These are figures of units sold directly to retailers, not to gamers.

Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve has meanwhile "sold-in approximately 2.5 million" units. CEO and chairman Strauss Zelnick said GTA V's PC launch "exceeded our expectations."

Latest patch for Evolve brings monstrous balance tweaks

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Patch 1.3 for Evolve has been released by developer Turtle Rock Studios.

This latest update is all about the balancing and focuses on the Wraith and Kraken monsters, which also ties in rather nicely with the upcoming free maps that are due to arrive next month.

Four new hunters, two extra maps and new Behemoth monster coming to Evolve soon

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2K and developer Turtle Rock Studios have today revealed the details of the four brand new hunters and new Behemoth monster that will be coming to Evolve in just a couple of weeks.

Additionally, the 4 vs 1 shooter will also receive two completely brand new map for folks to shoot/eat about in, too.

Turtle Rock to release two free maps for Evolve this April

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Just as was promised, Evolve developer Turtle Rock will release two free maps for the multiplayer monster-hunter this April, Broken Hill Foundry and Broken Hill Mine.

The two new levels will support all of Evolve's game modes, including the narrative Evacuation campaign - the latter comes with some "pretty sweet new Evacuation campaign effects", according to the devs.

Evolve PC patch 1.1 drops, fixes bugs and adds FOV slider

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Update 1.1 has dropped for Turtle Rock's monster-hunting shooter Evolve, bringing some of the most exciting changes you're ever likely to see in a list of patch notes.

No wait. I mean the opposite of that. Instead we get such gems as an FOV slider, better Direct X stability, and “improved 21:9 monitor support”. Very sexy stuff.

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