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DLC maps for Evolve will be available to all players for free

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DLC maps for Evolve will be available to players free, ensuring that players won't get kicked off of a game server because they don't own the right content.

Creative director Phil Robb revealed the news to IGN, adding that players will also fight alongside new characters and against new monsters as long as they know someone who has bought the DLC.

Meet William Cabot, Evolve's huntmaster‏ and third support character

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Arnie in Predator, Ripley in Aliens; every decent group of monster hunters needs a charismatic leader to look to when the chips are down and everyone's limbs have been devoured.

William Cabot is Evolve's huntmaster, but he also functions as an in-game support character. Developer Turtle Rock has released a new video demonstrating his particular set of skills.

Turtle Rock releases PC specs for Evolve's 'Big Alpha'‏

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Four player monster-hunting shooter Evolve is about to get a so-called 'Big Alpha' test, and developer Turtle Rock has revealed the PC specifications you'll need to run it.

Turtle Rock stresses that these aren't the final specs for the game, just what's required at this stage of development. Can't see it changing too much between now and then, though.

Try not to get devoured in the second Evolve alpha

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2K Games and Turtle Rock announced co-op alien hunting shooter Evolve's second closed Alpha testing phase at PAX Prime this weekend. Turtle Rock are calling it the "Big Alpha", and they'll be distributing keys through various outlets in the run up to the as yet unannounced start date.

If you want to try the game out you'll want to keep an eye out for codes on Evolve's Twitter account, Facebook and various other social media websites.

Evolve release date pushed back to February 2015

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Turtle Rock's co-operative monster-hunting shooter Evolve won't make its original projected release date, publisher Take Two has revealed.

Instead of launching in October 21 as was first claimed, the title will slip back to February 10, 2015. Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick confirmed the news in an investor call yesterday, pointing to February as a better release date that would avoid clashing with several high-profile launches.

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