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Square Enix end Mac sales for Final Fantasy XIV, issue refunds to those affected

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The Mac launch for MMO Final Fantasy XIV hasn't been smooth sailing for Square Enix as they've now pulled it from sale after serious technical problems have crippled the game. They are also issuing refunds to owners.

Compounding the issue, Square also released the wrong system requirements before launch. Director Naoki Yoshida has apologised and accepted "sole responsibility" for letting the Mac version release.

E3 2015: Launch trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward from Square Enix

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Next week begins a new chapter for MMO Final Fantasy XIV as it receives the Heavensward expansion, which plunges the community into the Dragonsong War; a thousand-year-old conflict between knights and dragons.

It increases the level cap to 60, adds flying mounts (it is a dragon war!), and of course includes new dungeons to brave. It adds the 'Holy See of Ishgard' which is desperate to defeat the dragons.

Test your computer before Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launches with free benchmark software

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Hankering for some more Final Fantasy XIV action, but not quite sure your rig is up to the tasking of handling the enhanced DirectX 11 graphics of upcoming expansion Heavensward?

Spoilers: it probably will be. To make sure though, you can test it out using some new benchmark software that Square Enix has kindly made available for free. Said benchmark also lets you try out the expansion's new playable race, the Au Ra.

Square release opening cinematic to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion

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A new opening cinematic for the Heavensward expansion to MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been released by Square Enix. The new content will be out this summer and raises the level cap.

There are also new job actions as well as new gameplay systems for the Disciples of the Hand and Land classes. Over the weekend director Naoki Yoshida hosted the 20th 'Letter from the Producer LIVE' series.

Before the Fall Part 2 update out for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn now, sets players up for first expansion Heavensward

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Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn's latest content update Before the Fall Part 2 is out now, the second episode in a two-parter that will set the game's world up for forthcoming expansion Heavensward.

The story update drops as part of Patch 2.55, which also introduces new side missions, changes to the Gold Saucer, and a bunch of new items.

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