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22cans give early look at "entirely new world", herds, powers and an Ark in Godus

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A new content update is in the works with Godus set to expand its land mass with an all-new location for followers. To do that they'll first to need to uncover and rebuild an Ark.

It's no small feat as the Ark is enormous, and can hold up to 500 followers. Wayworld is the new land, and it's much harsher than our Homeworld. We get all new features too.

Godus update 2.2.1 now available, adds natural swampland and Tiki Torch

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22cans has just released their latest update for Godus, with the studio having worked on "completely overhauling our save game system" to help prevent losing progress after new updates.

A Tiki Torch is now available to help keep the people happy, and swampland is no longer limited to just our godly power, but can now occur naturally in the Homeworld.

22cans release "not one, but two" Godus updates

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A new official build for Godus has been released vis Steam announces 22cans in their latest blog, but they've also pushed out another Op-In branch developer build for those willing to test something less stable.

It's mainly focused on "a couple pesky bugs." There's also a new video from Peter Molyneux and Jack as they discuss the design process behind Godus and his previous games.

New Godus video update, new staff and "opt-in branch" for testers

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In the latest video update for Godus, Peter Molyneux and fellow designer Jack Attridge reveal a new "opt-in branch" for testers if they want to experience tweaks and feature before they get pushed out publicly.

The winds of change are blowing as agriculture and mining become much more important as resources. 22cans are also close to achieving the 'over 50% done' milestone.

22Cans release 'post-Reddit AMA' video with Peter Molyneux on Godus

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Peter Molyneux and fellow designer Jack Attridge have released a new Godus video update in the wake of their Reddit AMA, as they felt there were "many questions that they didn't get to answer." Watch them squirm.

Well, not really - but they do tackle some of the tougher questions. Why do we collect belief as we do? Are we just 'babysitting' our people? What's up with the cards and stickers?