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Godus co-creator leaves Peter Molyneux's 22cans to 'steer own ship'

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Jack Attridge, co-creator of Godus, is leaving Peter Molyneux's 22Cans to pursue his own game development path. He started the process back in January, before the rather contentious interview between RPS and Molyneux.

Attridge is preparing a "parting gift" for 22Cans, his former boss and mentor, and backers of Godus in the form of a documentary about the developer since its founding, up until the recent unpleasantness.

Molyneux: "...the only answer to this is for me to completely stop talking to the press"

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Peter Molyneux in an interview with The Guardian has said he understands "people are sick of hearing my voice and hearing my promises," and so now the veteran game designer is "going to stop doing press".

He blames his passion for ideas, and that "people think that these are hard and fast promises," but then technical issues arise and sometimes ideas just don't fit. It's time he stepped away from the mic.

Godus lead designer says the team won't be able to deliver on every Kickstarter promise

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Veteran game designer Peter Molyneux and his studio 22 Cans promised a lot with their Kickstarter campaign for god sim Godus back in 2012, but almost three years on the game's still in a bit of a state.

Back in January the game's new lead designer Konrad "FuriousMoo" Naszynski posted the following on the game's forum; “To be brutally candid and realistic I simply can't see us delivering all the features promised on the Kickstarter page.”

Kickstarter "can be very destructive" to game development, says Peter Molyneux

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Godus was... a bit of a mess, to be honest, and not the first time that Peter Molyneux's ambitious promises haven't quite been fulfilled. According to the veteran developer, that's partly down to the Kickstarter process.

"What I've learned is that doing Kickstarter and Steam Early Access, before you've got something which is defined and playable, is a hugely risky undertaking that can be very destructive to the final quality of the game," said Molyneux in an interview with TechRadar.

Report: Peter Molyneux's next game is The Trail

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Populous and Fable creator Peter Molyneux has reportedly announced the next game project he's working on while at The Fun & Serious Games Festival in Bilbao, Spain. It's unclear whether it’s funny or serious.

Currently the industry veteran is leading his new indie studio 22Cans, which first released the 'multiplayer social experiment' Curiosity, before investing into the Populous-inspired Godus.

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