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Grand Theft Auto IV Summary


Grand Theft Auto IV Review

Ultimately, there is just too much to tell about GTA IV; it’s a game that should be experienced firsthand, rather than explained.

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Modders find 'horses and zombies' in Grand Theft Auto V files

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The PC modding community has been busy pulling apart the once secure files of Grand Theft Auto V, and have discovered some material references to horses and the shuffling undead. Technically it does have a zombie already.

While the creative juices maybe flowing in the community, so far very little is possible to change in the game. We're not quite there yet adding in the superheroes and piano cars, but we're now a step closer.

Custom soundtracks in Grand Theft Auto V can 'integrate' into radio station with DJ banter and commericals

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You may remember that putting your own music into Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV would dump the custom tracks into Independence FM, a special radio station designed to act just like the official in-game stations.

The feature is returning in Grand Theft Auto V on PC, with DJs Cliff Lee and Andee hosting Self Radio. Although you don't have to use it, and can instead simply play the music in order or by shuffling through.

BBC begin shooting 'Gamechanger' film in April, Daniel Radcliffe reportedly cast as Rockstar Games' Sam Houser

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Rockstar Games is set to become a TV movie star as the BBC will begin shooting on April 20th for 'Gamechanger', which explores the rollercoaster ride that is game development at the Grand Theft Auto developer.

It's believed Daniel Radcliffe will be playing co-founder and president Sam Houser. The film explores the crazy times for the studio, of which there have been many and includes Florida ambulance-chaser, Jack Thompson.

Rockstar: GTA V on PC "will not be on a separate timetable" for DLC and updates

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The painful wait for our trip to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V on PC is almost over, with it now due to launch in less than a week. In an interview, Rockstar Games assures us future DLC and updates 'will arrive simultaneously'.

The studio also reaffirm that PC is the "ultimate version" of GTA V, having drawn from a "huge pool of knowledge" over its development cycle. Sadly, modding support is 'dismissed'.

Rumour: Rockstar's Max Payne 3 team behind Grand Theft Auto V for PC

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An alleged developer for Rockstar has said their upcoming PC version for Grand Theft Auto V is being handled by the very same team that brought Max Payne 3 to PC, which proved surprisingly great.

This same Rockstar dev also stated they've got GTA V running at 60 frames, although didn't say what PC specs it was running on. Rockstar is yet to announce any PC exclusive perks.

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