HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

EU & US Release date: 11 Mar, 2014
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Minor Changes To Hearthstone's Arena Mode Could Shake Up The Meta In A Big Way

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There's been a lingering feeling within the Hearthstone community that Blizzard simply neglect the game's launch 'Arena' mode in favor of its 'paid' expansions. While it makes sense to imagine this as the case, the game's designer and senior producer have both been making rounds to let players know this simply isn't true.

World of Warcraft Tokens May Soon Be Exchangeable For Overwatch Loot Boxes And Hearthstone Card Packs

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If you play a lot of World of Warcraft, you might be in a decent position to put today's news to good use. The WoW Tokens currently obtainable and traded through the World of Warcraft auction house may soon be used across a wider-range of Blizzard titles.

The Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan Will Be Your Next Hearthstone Adventure

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As you should expect from a weekend of Blizzard celebrations, the company had a lot of news to share for its ever-growing library of games. Get ready to take your strongest Hearthstone deck to the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Data Miners uncover Hearthstone's Tyrande

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If you're an avid Hearthstone player you may already know about Blizzard's plans to add another new Hero to their roster via a "special promotion". This hero, Tyrande Whisperwind, will also be accompanied by a special card back. What you may not know, however, is that dataminers have already uncovered her and gotten her working in one version of the client along with all of her emotes and has made her available for everyone to see!

Hearthstone designers address underpowered priest

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I’m not a Hearthstone player, but you don’t have to be super-knowledgable about a game to know when the internet is angry about it. Of course, when is the internet not mad about a game? Hearthstone fans will know that the Priest class has been faring poorly against the others of late, and the most recent expansion cards don’t seem to address the issue.

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