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Blizzard apologises for recent Hearthstone server issues by offering two free card packs to European players

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Hearthstone players in Europe has a bit of a rough time connecting to the collectible card game's servers last week, so Blizzard is offering free cards in an attempt to make up for the inconvenience.

European accounts created before May 3 will receive two free Classic card packs, which will be delivered to the 'Open Packs' section of the game's menu within 24 hours.

US sanctions halt Blizzard's Battle.net services in Crimea region

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World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and other Blizzard Entertainment titles dependent on the studio's Battle.net service are now 'offline' in Crimea following the United States' trade sanctions on the region.

Blizzard have been forced into switching off their services and informed affected gamers through an email. All subscriptions have been terminated, though they hope to "restore access" in the future.

Blizzard showcases last batch of Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain cards in Twitch livestream

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Blizzard has revealed the final batch of cards on the way to card game Hearthstone in the new Blackrock Mountain expansion via a livestream on its official Twitch channel.

The broadcast finished yesterday, but you can catch up with the highlights below. In addition, Blizzard's posted the full list of 31 cards on its Facebook page.

Hearthstone expansion Blackrock Mountain set to release next week

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Whoa, don't put down that Hearthstone-branded crack-pipe just yet, Blizzard have just confirmed that the Blackrock Mountain expansion to their ludicrously popular card battling game will arrive next week.

The expansion is set to go live on Windows PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets on April 2nd in North American territories.

Hearthstone players on PC/Mac will soon be able to compete with Android and iOS smartphone users

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Blizzard have today confirmed that when Hearthstone releases on Android and iOS smartphones by the end of the month, those versions will be able to cross play to play with PC, Mac and tablet users.

The confirmation comes from Eric Dodds, lead designer on the perilously entertaining card battler.

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