HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft Latest News

New Hearthstone expansion announced - launches next week

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Blizzard's premier free-to-play card game has been getting a wealthy supply of new content and support in order to keep it at the head of the virtual card game pack. Blizzard is keeping that trend rolling, it's newest expansion, The League of Explorers, has been announced and launches November 12th.

New Hearthstone Tavern Brawler features co-op elements

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Tavern Brawls are a game mode in Hearthstone where players can take on different challenges and earn free card packs as rewards for completing them. The latest of these is called "Unite Against Mechazod" and will feature a cooperative component where pairs of players are pitted against an A.I. opponent.

Hearthstone expansion The Grand Tournament is available now

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An avalanche of new cards have now been shuffled into Hearthstone with the release of The Grand Tournament, the second expansion for Blizzard's popular virtual card game.

There are 132 new cards in total, including special heroes from Azeroth's finest knightly orders. You can even do a spot of jousting, should you wish.

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament will be released on August 24

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Blizzard has announced a final release date for Hearthstone's next expansion, The Grand Tournament. It will be available on all platforms from August 24.

First unveiled back in July, the expansion adds 132 cards to the core game, as well as a new 'Jousting' mechanic, by which you can gain bonuses from comparing a random minion card from you and your enemy's decks.

Hearthstone earns around $20 million a month

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Gaming industry data gatherers SuperData has compiled all the facts and figures on Blizzard's virtual card game Hearthstone, it might not be that much of a surprise to hear that it makes an absolute bucket-load of cash.

Hearthstone brings in around $20 million in an average month, an astonishing number that most other development studios could barely even dream of.

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