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Heroes of the Storm update adds hero Sylvanas Windrunner and a new Battleground

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MOBA Heroes of the Storm has added a new playable character and a new map in its latest closed beta update, allowing players to take command of Warcraft's famous elf, Sylvanas Windrunner.

Tomb of the Spider Queen, meanwhile, is a brand new three-lane Battleground. Here you'll have to collect gems to offer to the Spider Queen, eventually summoning powerful Webweaver critters to attacking your enemies.

Heroes of the Storm updates adds The Lost Vikings to the roster

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For the first time Blizzard has just updated their MOBA Heroes of the Storm to include characters not from the Warcraft, Diablo or StarCraft universes. It's still a Blizzard creation but from the Silicon and Synapse days.

The Lost Vikings has just pulled up in its longboat on the MOBA's shores. They brought a number of patch fixes with them, including UI overhauls.

Heroes of the Storm enters closed beta today, adds ranked play

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Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's cross-IP MOBA, heads into its first stage of closed beta testing today, with the addition of ranked play and a bunch of other new content.

Loading up the game you'll be asked to register your familiarity with the genre, so if you're a veteran jungler you won't have to waste time going over tutorials you already know off by heart.

Blizzard introducing Stimpacks to Heroes of the Storm, timed buffs heading to shop

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Soon after the next Technical Alpha patch for Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard will be stocking the shop shelves with Stimpacks. These are timed buffs that apply boosts to XP and gold earned post-match.

Again, these are buffs and not huge dollops of XP and gold you can buy. They also don't apply during the match as that would cause some serious 'cheating' and elitism.

Heroes of the Storm closed beta date revealed, three new characters announced‏

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You might have heard of a little event called Blizzcon 2014 over the weekend, during which many new and exciting things were revealed.

One of those things is that the company's crossover MOBA Heroes of the Storm will be heading into closed Beta next January, complete with its latest playable heroes - the Lost Vikings, and World of Warcraft alumni Thrall and Jaina.

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