Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters. Build and customize heroes from across every Blizzard universe to suit your play style.
EU & US Release date: 2 Jun, 2015

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Blizzard trademark 'Council of Glades' in New Zealand

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Trademark trawlsters have found Blizzard Entertainment has filed for 'Council of Glades' in New Zealand - that bit next to Australia - the bit on the right. It certainly sounds all Druid-like and World of Warcrafty.

Perhaps we'll find out at this year's BlizzCon which is scheduled November 6-7 at the Anaheim Convention Center, the mecca for Blizzardites. The trademark covers everything 'computer video game' imaginable.

Blizzard releases matchmaking update for Heroes of the Storm

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MOBAs are notoriously tricky to get into, which is why Blizzard's doing its best to make its cross-IP effort Heroes of the Storm a little less intimidating to beginners.

Step one comes in the latest update, which tweaks the matchmaking rules to take the number of Quick Match games played into account when assigning teams.

Leoric the Skeleton King is the next character coming to Heroes of the Storm

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King Leoric, perhaps better known amongst Diablo 3 players as the Skeleton King, is the next character to be confirmed for Blizzard's MOBA Heroes of the Storm.

You might remember Leoric as the boss of Diablo 3's first zone, where he attempted to fend off players by alternately hitting them with a mace and flinging smaller skeletons at them. Blizzard has introduced the happy chap in a new spotlight video, which reveals the role Leoric plays in combat.

Cheats and hacks "will not be tolerated" in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard permanently ban exploiters

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Blizzard has been swinging the banhammer in Heroes of the Storm going after those who have been using cheats and hacks. Specifically they've cracked down on the fog of war exploit discovered using the Nova.

The studio have both suspended accounts and outright banned others for violating the sacred Battle.net Terms of Use. Harmless fun? Certainly not, argues Blizzard who say it hurts the game's integrity.

Heroes of the Storm to receive big Diablo-themed Eternal Conflict update this month

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Blizzard's cross-IP MOBA Heroes of the Storm will get a big, new Diablo-flavoured chunk of content later this month, adding a playable version of the lovable Butcher demon, and a brand new themed battleground known as the 'Battlefield of Eternity'.

Those of you who played the original Diablo will remember The Butcher as the cleaver-wielding nutcase who pursued you through the catacombs of Tristram, uttering the famously creepy line; "Ah, fresh meat!". Personally, I think he was just misunderstood.

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