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Just Cause 3 Summary


Just Cause 3 Review

Forget Shoot ‘em ups. We need more Blow ‘em ups.

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Avalanche is hiring the Just Cause 2 multiplayer modder

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You may recall the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod, which was a beautiful, ridiculous mess entirely befitting the Just Cause name. The lead developer of that mod, Cameron Foote, has just announced that he’s going to work for Avalanche Studios.

Just Cause 3 receives another multiplayer mod

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Nanos have announced their latest mod, Just Cause 3 Multiplayer. If you don’t know who Nanos are, they created multiplayer mods for Mafia 2, GTA 4 and more recently GTA 5. The GTA 5 multiplayer mod was taken down by Take Two via a cease-and-desist notice. Fortunately, Avalanche and Square Enix have given this mod a huge thumbs up, and that’s not too surprising considering how many sales the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod caused.

There’s already a multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3 in the works, by the JC2:MP mod no less, however there hasn’t been any information for that mod aside from the trailer back in January. Nanos can be trusted to release a project that they are working on, again, aside from the whole GTA 5 fiasco.

Just Cause 3 Mech Land Assault Content Pack from Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass launches on 3rd June

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Square Enix and Avalanche Studios announced today that the second content pack from the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass - Mech Land Assault - will be available to Expansion Pass Holders on 3rd June, with a wider release expected to hit on 10th June.

In the Mech Land Assault pack, Rico Rodriguez will head to the island of Lacrima, home to an abandoned eDen research base and a prison camp run by the mysterious Black Hand. The Black Hand are protected by powerful Mechs, which Rodriguez can hijack by using the new Bavarium Power Core rifle to disable their shields.

Square registers domains for Deus Ex GO, Just Cause GO, and Life is Strange GO

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It looks like Square in interested in expanded their lineup of “GO” mobile spinoffs, because they just registered a whole bunch of web domains for potential future GO titles.

Today GameWatcher plays Just Cause 3’s Sky Fortress DLC

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Hey, folks! We had such a good time with our streams this week that we’ve decided to make it a daily event! You can tune into GameWatcher’s Twitch channel Monday through Friday at 8PM GMT/4PM Eastern for an hour long stream of the latest and maybe greatest in PC gaming. We’ll be hitting big new releases, indie curiosities, and Early Access works-in-progress, so be sure to have a look for first impression gameplay footage of a wide variety of titles.

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