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Just Cause 3 team talks destruction in latest dev diary

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Just Cause 3 will feature even more of those sweet, sweet explosions you remember from the previous games, and the team at Avalanche gives us a closer look at the game's new tech in this developer diary video.

“We’ve been focused purely on the new generation of high-end technology from the very beginning of development,” says game director Roland Lesterlin “this huge amount of extra horsepower allows us to do things that simply weren’t possible until now”.

Just Cause 3's Challenge Modes look appropriately chaotic

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Just Cause 3 isn't all explosions, gunshots and carnage. It is mostly that, but you can also take a break for a quick bout of sky-diving in the game's Challenge Modes.

Avalanche has been demonstrating two of the options to IGN; one sees hero Rico piloting his wingsuit through a series of rings at high speed, while the other gives him a sack full of infinite RPGs, which he can use to blow up a captured base.

Just Cause 3's Gamescom trailer is full of delicious chaos

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Rather than the slightly po-faced walkthrough video that Avalanche released for Just Cause 3 at E3 2015, the studio's Gamescom effort, first demoed during yesterday's Microsoft conference, is exactly what I want to see from a trailer for this game.

Namely; cheesy rock music, over-the-top accents, and plenty of inventive uses for hero Rico's grappling hook, parachute, and arsenal of explosive weapons.

Avalanche release 'Who is Rico?' dev diary for Just Cause 3

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The first in a planned dev diary series for Just Cause 3 has just been released and 'Episode 1' looks at the leading man himself: Rico Rodriguez. The team also reveal more about his new skills and abilities.

What's it like for a dictactor-toppler who's set off two nukes in his lifetime? Avalanche want him to 'carry the scars' of his time in Panau and San Esperito. Now he's home in the fictional Medici.

Avalanche release 'Official E3 Playthrough' for Just Cause 3, multi-path 'Choose Your Own Chaos' trailer

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There's almost 7 minutes worth of gameplay footage of Avalanche Studio's December-bound Just Cause 3. It's a playthrough from E3 2015 and it's finally been released to the worldwide web for mass consumption.

The studio has also posted their multi-path trailer from E3 called Choose Your Own Chaos. In the playthrough we get to see the radically improved grappling powers of Rico, and see many pretty explosions.

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