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Avalanche release 'Official E3 Playthrough' for Just Cause 3, multi-path 'Choose Your Own Chaos' trailer

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There's almost 7 minutes worth of gameplay footage of Avalanche Studio's December-bound Just Cause 3. It's a playthrough from E3 2015 and it's finally been released to the worldwide web for mass consumption.

The studio has also posted their multi-path trailer from E3 called Choose Your Own Chaos. In the playthrough we get to see the radically improved grappling powers of Rico, and see many pretty explosions.

E3 2015: Avalanche open Square Enix event with Just Cause 3, releases 'This Is Just Cause 3' trailer, launches December 1st

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The return of Rico with Just Cause 3 blows open the E3 conference for Square Enix, and developer Avalanche announces the global release date for the island-dictator-toppler as December 1st.

An all-new trailer with delicious destruction, gunfire, wing-suit acrobatics and a total disregard for national infrastructure. Rico gets an upgraded grappling hook, which includes 'multiple tethers' for serious mischief.

E3 2015: Square Enix E3 Conference today @ 10.00am PDT / 6.00pm GMT+1 - Watch it here! FINISHED

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Still more conference pageantry to get through with Square Enix today holding theirs a little later at 10.00am PDT / 6.00pm GMT+1. A live stream of the conference is all ready to go.

Square have some heavy hitters like the new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and of course the open world Just Cause 3, the silent Hitman returns, and there's always more Final Fantasy.

Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer contains absolutely no explosions whatsoever

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Only joking. The first gameplay footage from Just Cause 3 (and developer Avalanche is at great pains to point out that this is all all unscripted and in-game) is one long ode to over-the-top video game carnage, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Just Cause 3 gameplay set for April 28th teases Avalanche

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Rico's latest foray into directorship-toppling will be shown in gameplay form next week as Avalanche give us a peek at Just Cause 3 in action. Box art for the open world regime changer has also been revealed.

The official Just Cause Twitter has a teasing looped short of footage, promising to show us some meaty gameplay next week on Tuesday, April 28th via YouTube.

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