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Just Cause 3 Latest News

Square registers domains for Deus Ex GO, Just Cause GO, and Life is Strange GO

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It looks like Square in interested in expanded their lineup of “GO” mobile spinoffs, because they just registered a whole bunch of web domains for potential future GO titles.

Today GameWatcher plays Just Cause 3’s Sky Fortress DLC

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Hey, folks! We had such a good time with our streams this week that we’ve decided to make it a daily event! You can tune into GameWatcher’s Twitch channel Monday through Friday at 8PM GMT/4PM Eastern for an hour long stream of the latest and maybe greatest in PC gaming. We’ll be hitting big new releases, indie curiosities, and Early Access works-in-progress, so be sure to have a look for first impression gameplay footage of a wide variety of titles.

Just Cause 3 patch reduces load times

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The first bit of DLC for Square’s big explode-em-up Just Cause 3 is dropping next week, which I will remind you contains a wingsuit that turns Rico into a human jet fighter. Naturally, there’s a patch dropping in advance of that release, and it sounds like it contains some updates that everybody has been wanting.

Just Cause 3 DLC detailed, first expansion adds a wingsuit jetpack

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Let’s be real here--we all need a little senseless destruction in our virtual lives. The advances in narrative design we’ve had over the years have been absolutely wonderful, but every now and then, I still need a game where I can blow stuff up in the most ridiculous way. Thankfully, Just Cause is here to fill that need, and it looks like it’s getting even sillier with its upcoming DLC.

Pirated games may cease to exist in two years thanks to Denuvo

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Pirated video games have been around for a very long time. Regardless of developers' efforts to safeguard their properties and make sure customers are buying their games legally, there have always been ways around whatever systems have been set-up to safeguard video games. That may be changing though thanks to anti-tamper technology, Denuvo.

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