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Square Enix release first trailer for Just Cause 3, looks inside "mind’s eye of Rico Rodriguez"

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The first ever trailer for Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 3 has just been released by Square Enix. It's not a showreel of gameplay sadly but it's certainly inspirational for Rico Rodriguez's handling of dictators.

It's called 'Firestarter' and lets us peek inside "the mind’s eye of Rico" as he goes about his day job of overthrowing island regimes. This time we'll be on a fictional Mediterranean island.

Ten new in-game shots of Just Cause 3 in action

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Avalanche Studios has quietly skydived 10 brand new in-game shots of Just Cause 3 in action. It's full of grappling, shooting, driving, jet fighter surfing, and some aerial acrobatics with a wingsuit.

The next topple-a-dictator action simulator is due out this June for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It's set on the fictitious Mediterranean island known as Medici. We'll be deposing one General Di Ravello.

Avalanche releases bounty of in-game shots for Just Cause 3

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The next dictator-toppling action adventure from Avalanche Studios is well under way and they've finally released some serious eye candy with images of Just Cause 3 doing what it does best.

There are parachutes, helicopters, flying gas canisters, fancy island jungle, military installations, dictator statues, clear blue skies, grappling over fiery destruction... it's all shaping up well.

Avalanche "shifting a little bit of our focus" to self-publish more in the future

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Just Cause creator Avalanche Studios, who are also busy with the open-world Mad Max, are turning more of their studio's focus to self-publishing. In fact The Hunter is "contributing quite a lot" to them.

It's given the Swedish developer "control our own destiny" being in direct contact with players, but they aren't shying away from further deals with big publishers like Square Enix.

No multiplayer for Just Cause 3 at launch, but hope isn't lost just yet

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It took a group of hard-working modders to add multiplayer functionality to Just Cause 2 with the hugely popular JC2-MP mod, eventually released by publisher Square Enix as DLC for the open world action game.

Considering the mod's subsequent success, it's strange to hear that Just Cause 3 won't ship with a multiplayer capability at launch. Avalanche CCO Christofer Sundberg explained why to Game Informer recently.

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