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I'm going deeper underground...

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Minecraft will soon help the development of artificial intelligence

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Minecraft has already taken over gaming and Youtube, and will soon provide the launch pad from which our future robot overlords will take over the world itself.

Microsoft bringing Minecraft to Oculus Rift

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Based on some hands-on features at the Microsoft Spring Showcase, it looks like Minecraft will be getting some VR support with its upcoming Windows 10 edition.

Combat the focus of 1.9 update for Minecraft

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Mojang has revealed the new 1.9 update for Minecraft, and this one is focusing on combat, adding such skills as weapon dual-wielding and introducing shields. According to the official patch notes, "The combat mechanics have been updated to make fighting more interesting and offer more map-making options."

Minecraft has sold over 22 million copies on PC/Mac

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Mojang hasn't announced their new milestone, but it's surely worth noting. Their building block construction and survival game Minecraft has crossed over 22 million copies on PC/Mac systems, making it possibly one of the highest selling PC/Mac games of all time.

Verizon develops in-game smart phone for Minecraft

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One of the most pressing issues in Minecraft was that you couldn't use a smart phone in it to order pizzas, send texts or video chat with friends. Verizon has created a new Minecraft app to fix that.

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