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Beano release official Dennis the Menace mod for Minecraft

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Slingshots, stink bombs and Gnasher? Beano publisher DC Thomson has worked with Frima Studio to bring an official Dennis the Menace mod to the sandy block shores of Minecraft.

The world-building sandbox is the "perfect match" for the Beano universe, and for kids to "build out Beanotown." As the world of print continues to decline, the future looks cubed.

Rust creator Garry Newman defends Notch's decision to sell Minecraft

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Minecraft creator 'Notch' Persson has been getting a bit of flak from some quarters for his decision to sell the franchise to Microsoft for $2 billion, with some critics accusing him of "selling out" and going back on his perceived anti-corporation stance.

Rust and Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman, himself no stranger to indie success, has weighed in on Notch's side, arguing that no-one else would have done any different.

Notch: Minecraft sale not about money, "it's about my sanity"

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So it turned out that the rumours were true - Mojang has sold its phenomenally popular franchise Minecraft to Microsoft for the very reasonable price of $2 billion chuffing pounds.

Creator Markus "Notch" Persson took to his blog to clarify his reasons for the sale, explaining that he sees himself as a hobbyist and an enthusiast, not "a real game developer".

Microsoft reportedly in talks to buy Minecraft for $2 billion

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Microsoft are looking to swoop in to purchase the eternally popular Minecraft, according to the latest rumblings from the financial world.

The Wall Street Journal (paywalled, unfortunately) is reporting that the deal could be worth more than $2 billion, citing "a person with knowledge of the matter" as its source.

Accurate geological map of Great Britain recreated in Minecraft

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In what might have been an extended fit of madness, the British Geological Survey has recreated the entirety of Great Britain in Minecraft. Should you feel a desperate need to wander around Plymouth or Runcorn reimagined in blocky, pixelised form you can download the project for free.

Minecraft Great Britain was created from data gathered in the 2013 Ordnance Survey, and covers England, Wales, Scotland and several smaller islands just off the coast.

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