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Minecraft has sold over 20 million copies on PC and Mac

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We all know that Minecraft has been phenomenally successful, but sometimes it takes a statistic like this to realise just how much money the voxel build-em-up must have made developer Mojang over the years - to date, the game's sold over 20 million copies on PC and Mac alone.

Mojang's Owen Hill captured the 20,000,005th sale as it popped up on the game's stat tracking site. That was yesterday, and another 7,992 people have snapped it up as of this post.

E3 2015: Minecraft version built for Microsoft HoloLens

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Microsoft HoloLens demonstrated with specially designed version of Minecraft. We get to see the game actually 'projected' through the headgear and it couldn't look more awesome. We can even 'pinch' to manipulate the view.

The wearer has access to special commands, like being able to call down a lightning strike, and can 'explore' areas of the map other players can't see.

Mojang 'correct' Minecraft username while searching for harassing ID

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We've all had trouble at one time or another with logins - usually because we can't remember a particular username and password combo. One Minecraft user in their frustration created a new one as 'MojangSucksDicks'.

They've had that for years when suddenly the welcome message inexplicably changed to 'NoWeDont'. Apparently it was a sheer coincidence as Mojang's Marc Watson was on the lookout for a genuine harassment notice.

Mojang "redoing the mechanics" of Minecraft's Ender Dragon on PC in 1.9

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The End in Minecraft is going to be overhauled for PC, at least bringing it up to snuff with the Ender Dragon console gamers face off against, but they'll be "taking it a step further," teases Nathan Adams.

He wouldn't go into detail on these extra changes, and also allay fears that 1.9 was all about the flying beast. "...this isn't all I'm doing for 1.9... not by far," Adams continued.

Mojang reassures fans that Minecraft mainframe hasn't been hacked after password leak

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Almost two thousand Minecraft user names and passwords were leaked online earlier in the week, but Mojang wants to reassure players that they haven't been hacked.

In a post on the developer's blog, Mojang's Owen Hill explained the situation, and encouraged users to be aware of proper password security.

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