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Minecraft Latest News

A modder has created a playable version of Pokemon Red in Minecraft using redstone

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A few years ago someone used redstone to create a working CPU in Minecraft, complete a functioning keyboard, word processor, calculator and more. Three years on from this momentous event, a modder by the name of MrSquishy has gone one step further. How do you improve from basically creating a computer within a computer game? Easy, you make a Gameboy that can run a playable version of Pokemon Red.

MrSquishy (also known as Matt) was interviewed by South African site The interview went through some of MrSquishy’s reasons behind the project and what problems he has encountered with it so far. His version of Pokemon Red seems to run well, but it seems there aren’t any NPC interactions in the game right now. Here’s a snippet of the interview for those of you that are interested:

Minecraft has now sold over 100 million copies worldwide

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Mojang have announced that their unbelievably popular sandbox game, Minecraft has sold over 100 million copies worldwide (technically the number is over 106,859,714, but by now Mojang have probably sold another extra hundred thousand copies). The developers have released an infographic detailing the number of sales on each platform in five continents.

One of the more surprising facts in this infographic is that the console version of Minecraft accounts for most of the sales. This may not be too surprising to a lot of people as Minecraft has been released on six different platforms, but the strange thing is that the earliest Xbox 360 version to be released was back in 2012. Only in the past two years has Minecraft been available on every other console, so to have that many sales already is seriously impressive.

Minecraft will soon help the development of artificial intelligence

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Minecraft has already taken over gaming and Youtube, and will soon provide the launch pad from which our future robot overlords will take over the world itself.

Microsoft bringing Minecraft to Oculus Rift

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Based on some hands-on features at the Microsoft Spring Showcase, it looks like Minecraft will be getting some VR support with its upcoming Windows 10 edition.

Combat the focus of 1.9 update for Minecraft

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Mojang has revealed the new 1.9 update for Minecraft, and this one is focusing on combat, adding such skills as weapon dual-wielding and introducing shields. According to the official patch notes, "The combat mechanics have been updated to make fighting more interesting and offer more map-making options."

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