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It’s not a new type of shooter, but it’s a new standard of excellence.

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Overwatch Year of the Rooster - Everything We Know

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We seemingly can't go a day without more Overwatch news. Consistently staying in the spotlight, it's less about 'Play of the Game' these days and more about putting out controversial skins,holiday loot boxes and changing the otherworldly properties of a hook handled by a certain big-bellied hog.

More Roadhog Changes, Potential Player Incentives For Testing And More From The Newest Overwatch Dev Vlog

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With the latest round of PTR changes across Overwatch, it seems to be causing a little more of a stir than usual. Still focusing on character adjustments, Jeff Kaplan is back on YouTube to answer some frequently asked questions.

Roadhog Will Lose His Magical Hook With The Next Set Of Overwatch Adjustments

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Forever considered the true beast of the Overwatch roster, Roadhog will soon see a major change that might just relegate him from the ranks.

Overwatch's 'Oasis' Map Is Now Live And Players Are Already Wondering What's Next

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Masters of making old look new again, Blizzard have finally released the latest Overwatch map onto the official servers after months of careful testing.

5 Free Holiday Loot Boxes Await You In Overwatch This Christmas

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Whether you've been playing Overwatch from the start or picked it up on Christmas Day, five free loot boxes await those who log in during the festive season.

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