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Upside down on the zip-zip-zipper...

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Blueprints Will See A Major Change In Planet Coaster's Spring Update - Paths Could Be Coming

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Ahead of the major April update to Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments have now outlined one of its major sweeping changes with its own video.

Planet Coaster's Spring Update Introduces Go Karts, Vandals and Pickpockets Next Month

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They're not letting us go. Not yet, anyhow. Despite the relatively low rate of Planet Coaster updates since launch week, the trickle was a taste of the storm with the upcoming April update bringing a little of everything.

Planet Coaster VR - What We Want To See

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While there's been no official confirmation one way or another, the masses understand that Planet Coaster could be an ideal VR playground should the right minds get their hands on it.

Planet Coaster Patch Notes - 1.1.4

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Planet Coaster has enjoyed a never-ending stream of love from both the developers and players of the game's early access and beta versions. With YouTube already full of videos showing off people's creativity within the theme-park sandbox sim, it's no surprise to see the developers supporting the title's beta builds even a few short days before the full release.

Frontier Developments Have Grabbed The Licence To An Unknown Hollywood Franchise

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With the unhealthy competition between Planet Coaster and Rollercoaster Tycoon World keeping all eyes on Frontier Games, they've likely levied that level of satisfaction to score the licence for a new game.

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