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Son of Nor partners with SteelSeries and Tobii for "revolutionary eye-tracking"

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Austrian developer Stillalive Studios has announced they've teamed up with SteelSeries and Tobii to introduce their "revolutionary eye-tracking device" as part of the Son of Nor experience.

Already they support Oculus Rift and the emotiv EPOC brain-computer-interface, as Stillalive see their game as a "great case study" because of telekinesis and terraforming.

Son of Nor dev diaries 38 & 39 posted, official forums online

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Austrian developer Stillalive Studios has posted two of their latest developer diaries for their Kickstarter project, Son of Nor. Both of the videos deal with AI and how the enemies are being programmed.

The team also reveal an alarm system we'll have to be mindful of. The official forums for Son of Nor are now also live, with backers able to gain access to an exclusive area once approved.

Son of Nor Kickstarter succeeds with $151,175

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Today marked the end of Son of Nor's 30 day Kickstarter campaign and the singleplayer and co-op action adventure fantasy game almost didn't make it. It limped to victory with just $1,175 over its $150k goal.

2,244 backers are responsible stillalive Studios' Son of Nor to live, fight and landscape desert another day. "WOOOOO WE MADE IT!!!!!!" was the team's impassioned 'update' on Kickstarter.

stillalive promises to reward Son of Nor Kickstarter backers regardless of outcome

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Son of Nor has just over a day left of funding left, having covered $117K of the $150K goal, but stillalive studios promises that regardless of whether the game makes its goal, backers will be rewarded for their support.

Son of Nor dev post video to "quash rumours of fakery" over Emotiv device

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Feel like Professor X when he plays a video game?! Well, that does sound a little far-fetched - and it is because I just made it up. What's not made up though is the Emotiv EPOC, and stillalive Studios will prove it.

CEO Julian Mautner demonstrates in a new video for Son or Nor how the device works with the game. He doesn't blame people for their scepticism, because of how "insane and fake it really sounds."

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