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Mark Hamill teased in new Squadron 42 video for Star Citizen

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Mark Hamill is no stranger to space combat simulations developed by Chris Roberts, as for the longest time, he played Christopher Blair in the Wing Commander series. He was one of the first major Hollywood actors alongside James Earl Jones and John Rhys-Davies to lend their voices to video games.

Star Citizen alpha build 2.0 to feature new flight options

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Cloud Imperium Games has released a new blog post on the upcoming 2.0 update for the alpha build of Star Citizen, discussing the revamp of the flight model and physics.

Star Citizen's one million backers can now play every module

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Cloud Imperium Games has decided to do away with the Alpha access and module passes which sectioned off various portions of Star Citizen, and has decreed that all backers will now be able to play the entire game.

Chris Roberts made the announcement in one of his Letters From the Chairman blog posts, in which he also revealed that the game now has one million backers.

Star Citizen boasting an all-star cast headlined by Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill

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Chris Roberts revealed some of the cast that will be lending their voices to Squadron 42, the episodic single player campaign in the upcoming space combat sim Star Citizen, highlighted by Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill.

Core Star Citizen gameplay demoed at CitizenCon 2015

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Chris Roberts and members of the studio Cloud Imperium Games showed off some of the core gameplay of Star Citizen at CitizenCon 2015, which took place Saturday night in Manchester, UK.

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