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Star Citizen's 'Grabby Hands' system will let you get to grips with your cargo

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Star Citizen creators Cloud Imperium are talking up a big new feature. Is it mass capital ship battles? Ship-to-ship boarding actions? Wookie co-pilots? No, it is none of these things.

It is a new 'Grabby Hands' system for moving cargo around. Okay, to be fair, the development team realises this isn't the sexiest subject to discuss, but they have good reasons for doing so.

Star Citizen hits another funding milestone, reaches $76 million

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Star Citizen, the forthcoming space title from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts and his studio Cloud Imperium Games, has just smashed $76 million in crowdfunding.

$76 million. That's nuts.

Star Citizen 1.1 update drops, with new ships and a new landing system

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Star Citizen's 1.1 update has dropped, adding a couple of ridiculously expensive ships alongside a huge list of tweaks and gameplay improvements.

The new ships are the Aegis Gladius, available for the piffling price of $90, and the Aegis Retaliator, barely making a dent in your wallet at the low, low price of $275.

Star Citizen client could be up to 100GB in size

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Star Citizen keeps getting bigger and bigger, and madder and madder, so it's not surprising to hear that the game's client file will be blinking massive – potentially up to 100GB in size.

Game director Jeremy Masker warned gamers with tiny hard drives that despite intense compression, developer RSI is unlikely to cram the game files down to 30 or 40GB.

Star Citizen is about to start coming together, says Chris Roberts

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It might haven taken until the game hit the frankly ridiculous sum of $74 million via its Kickstarter campaign, but creator Chris Roberts says space sim Space Citizen is about to start coming together.

In one of Roberts' frequent 'Letter From the Chairman' posts, the developer says; “We’ve talked a lot about how Star Citizen will come together from disparate pieces over the past year, and we are now entering into when that happens.”

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