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Play Star Citizen For Free Until The End Of The Month

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Whether they're just feeling generous or slightly nervous over the single-player delay, the folks behind the hefty space simulator Star Citizen have flicked the switch on what can only be described as a 'Free Week' event.

Admire Space Foliage With A Demonstration of Star Citizen's Procedural Planets

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Roberts Space Industries didn't just organise an exclusive event for their massively over-schedule space sim Star Citizen just to announce the campaign mode delay. They used a good 30 minutes of it to drive around procedurally generated planets and fight off a hulking space worm.

Star Citizen's Single-Player Mode Won't Release This Year - 2017 Release Questionable

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In line with other broken promises, development of Star Citizen's single-player module is now officially due to miss its 2016 release - likely by a wide margin, too.

Blasts a Shopkeeper In New Star Citizen Gameplay

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Star Citizen has come a long way since its monolithic Kickstarter success, going from an ambitious space sim to an even more ambitious space combat sim and living universe.

Storming into a conveniently placed weapon shop presumably on-board either a space station or massive player ship, the video takes us on a pretty wild shooting spree blasting down bottles, cabinets, the floor and even the poor unsuspecting shopkeep so that we may load and unload his fine selection of flashy combat rifles on even more satisfyingly explosive glass containers.

Squadron 42 to be optional standalone expansion for Star Citizen

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Chris Roberts has announced in his blog that Squadron 42, the single player mode for Star Citizen, will become a standalone expansion that will be an optional part of Star Citizen. In other words, players can pick up Star Citizen without Squadron 42, and Squadron 42 can be played by itself for those gamers who don't want to bother with multiplayer.

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