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Squadron 42 to be optional standalone expansion for Star Citizen

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Chris Roberts has announced in his blog that Squadron 42, the single player mode for Star Citizen, will become a standalone expansion that will be an optional part of Star Citizen. In other words, players can pick up Star Citizen without Squadron 42, and Squadron 42 can be played by itself for those gamers who don't want to bother with multiplayer.

Star Citizen alpha gets 2.1.2 update to tweak Arena Commander mode

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Cloud Imperium has announced that there's a new 2.1.2 patch available for Star Citizen. The update tweaks some of the Arena Commander mode gameplay.

Star Citizen releases new "From Pupil to Planet" video to show off planetary procedural generation

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As Star Citizen continues to develop, new information and videos are getting released frequently. From alpha build gameplay trailers to star-studded cutscenes, Cloud Imperium Games has been showing off just what the game can do. Now, the studio has released a breathtaking new video showing off how the game will procedurally generate planets.

Star Citizen passes $100M mark as it launches Alpha 2.0 early access

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Star Citizen has become a beast of crowdfunding. While it doesn't have the half-billion dollar budget of a Call of Duty game, it has managed to wrangle $100M from gamers, most of it coming post-Kickstarter launch. The milestone comes as the Alpha 2.0 build is launched in early access.

Mark Hamill teased in new Squadron 42 video for Star Citizen

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Mark Hamill is no stranger to space combat simulations developed by Chris Roberts, as for the longest time, he played Christopher Blair in the Wing Commander series. He was one of the first major Hollywood actors alongside James Earl Jones and John Rhys-Davies to lend their voices to video games.

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