Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront is a third and first-person video game based on battles in the Star Wars film series.
EU & US Release date: 17 Nov, 2015

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First PC Alpha gameplay footage for Star Wars Battlefront has leaked

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DICE presumably gave lots of warnings to players taking part in the Star Wars: Battlefront closed Alpha that they were not to film and release any footage from their time with the game, under penalty of death by Stormtrooper firing squad.

Thus, inevitably, loads of new gameplay footage has emerged. All Games Beta has scraped together several clips of testers blasting each other to pieces on the game's Tatooine and Hoth maps. It's a nice opportunity to see what the game actually looks like in action, when it's not being edited to within an inch of its life.

Star Wars: Battlefront closed Alpha leak reveals weapon and vehicle rosters

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Star Wars Battlefront's Alpha launches this Thursday, and eagle-eyed fans have managed to siphon out a laundry list of data regarding the weapons and vehicles that will be available in the game. It's all been posted over on NeoGAF.

Players interested in getting a first glimpse of DICE's Star Wars-flavoured shooter were given the opportunity to register their interest in the closed Alpha just a few days ago. I wouldn't be totally shocked to see more images and information to leak as the Alpha continues.

Report: Visceral's unannounced Star Wars title 'like Uncharted and 1313' says actor Nolan North

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Amy Hennig, who helped create Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, is today over at Visceral Games working on a now-not-so-secret Star Wars title. What exactly it is and has us doing remains clouded by the Darkside of corporate marketing.

Actor Nolan North seems to have smuggled out some plans. He said at Metrocon 2015 that this new Star Wars is "in the style of Uncharted," clarifying that it's not a revival of Star Wars 1313.

Closed Alpha test for Star Wars: Battlefront through Origin, inviting "small number of users"

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There's a technical test planned for DICE's gorgeous looking Star Wars: Battlefront as a special Origin exclusive Closed Alpha is planned for PC. There's only a limited number being invited and you can check if you're on the VIP list.

The actual content and start date for the Closed Alpha hasn't been disclosed. If you have been selected then there are some terms and conditions to agree to, like keeping your sneak peek away from Bothan spies.

No Death Star map in Battlefront, DICE confirms

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Like inadvisable tertiary characters and bad haircuts, the mighty Imperial Death Star is synonymous with Star Wars. Unfortunately we won't be visiting the galaxy's most popular planet-sized killing machine in this year's Star Wars:Battlefront.

Community reps from developer DICE confirmed that there won't be a Death Star map in a Reddit Questions and Answers session, but they did say to stay tuned for more on the various iconic Star Wars locations that we WILL be visiting.

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