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Star Wars: Battlefront reportedly features 40-player battles, to include free 'Battle of Jakku' update

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The next Star Wars: Battlefront, which leaks say is due November 17th, will be featuring 40-player brawls between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

Apparently 'Battle of Jakku' DLC will arrive later, which will be seen in the upcoming new Episode VII: The Force Awakens. However we'll play this battle out "30 years earlier" than in the film.

Star Wars: Battlefront banner at Star Wars Celebration spotted

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Leaked, the Star Wars: Battlefront banner has. Learn more, you will. The upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront showing at the Star Wars Celebration event is now aboard the hype-rspace-train, thanks to a shot of the promo banner.

It prominently features an AT-AT or three, with Stormtroopers, AT-STs, TIE Fighters, X-Wings and an Imperial Star Destroyer. The Battlefront series has always enjoyed ground and space combat.

EA and DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront set to be fully unveiled next month

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After being announced nearly two years ago at E3 2013, EA and Battlefield developer DICE have at last nailed down a date for when their Star Wars: Battlefront title will be revealed to the public.

It's a lot sooner than you think, too.

Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay receives "superb ovation" at private EA event, claims Peter Moore

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It won't be too long before we start to see gameplay footage of DICE's highly anticipated shooter Star Wars: Battlefront - the game's apparently already being shown off to EA's retail partners.

Tweeting from a private event held in Texas yesterday, the company's CCO Peter Moore said there had been "superb ovation for latest game play footage on @starwars Battlefront."

DICE "specifically tailor" maps to certain modes in Star Wars: Battlefront, release concept artwork

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Star Wars: Battlefront is due late this year and DICE has just released some teasing concept art for the game. They also reveal a "great variety" in both map size and game modes we'll be fighting through.

In fact the studio decided to "specifically tailor certain maps" meaning Hoth is a vast tundra, because of the invasion of Hoth by AT-ATs, while Endor's Moon is more compact due to the dense woods.

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