Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront is a third and first-person video game based on battles in the Star Wars film series.
EU & US Release date: 17 Nov, 2015

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There will be a new Battlefield game in 2016, EA spokesperson confirms

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A new Battlefield game is coming in 2016, according to a spokesperson for publisher Electronic Arts. The news was revealed during an investor's call, and it essentially marks the point at which the franchise moves to a yearly release model.

"What we've said is that our intention over the next couple of years is to have a first-person shooter as one of the core titles," the representative said (reported by IGN). "This year, obviously, it's Star Wars Battlefront. Next year, it's another Battlefield title."

Star Wars: Battlefront's Blast Mode is 10v10 multiplayer

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The new game mode for Star Wars: Battlefront that DICE was teasing yesterday is a 10 versus 10 team deathmatch mode called' Blast', it turns out. Not particularity exciting, I know.

It's Rebels against the Imperials on a series of custom-built maps designed for close-quarters fighting. Thus, levels are smaller than in other modes, and contain a few other tweaks as well.

EA to reveal new Star Wars: Battlefront game mode today

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Today we'll learn about a new game mode in Star Wars: Battlefront. A teasing image of rebels fighting off imperial troops was released, which shows a fire fight inside a bunker? Likely a play on Battlefield's Rush mode.

It could always be 'Ewok-clubbing' - that'd be a fan favourite for many. #FurballPests With Gamescom right around the corner hopefully we'll also get to see this new game mode in full swing.

DICE talks Star Wars: Battlefront in FAQ post, reveals lack of PC split-screen and info on vehicles

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In a new FAQ blog post, Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE has answered some pressing question from the fans. One thing that's been confirmed by community manager Mathew Everett is that the PC version will not have a split-screen mode.

That's not entirely surprising, but it does mean that you won't be able to plug a couple of controllers in and use your PC as a gaming console. Any multiplayer you want to jump into will have to take place across a connection.

First PC Alpha gameplay footage for Star Wars Battlefront has leaked

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DICE presumably gave lots of warnings to players taking part in the Star Wars: Battlefront closed Alpha that they were not to film and release any footage from their time with the game, under penalty of death by Stormtrooper firing squad.

Thus, inevitably, loads of new gameplay footage has emerged. All Games Beta has scraped together several clips of testers blasting each other to pieces on the game's Tatooine and Hoth maps. It's a nice opportunity to see what the game actually looks like in action, when it's not being edited to within an inch of its life.

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