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Star Wars: Battlefront Latest News

Star Wars Battlefront May client update brings huge changes

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This morning, EA’s Community Manager, known as Sledgehammer70, announced the patch notes for Star Wars Battlefront’s May Client Update for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Some changes include the option to press enter (PC) in order to open the chat channel, “various tweaks to the auto balance and matchmaking systems” and a long list of changes to the game’s heroes.

Outer Rim DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront still having issues

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A few days ago, a hotfix was released to fix the "instant level 60" exploit introduced when the Outer Rim DLC was released last week. However, there are still several pressing bugs that the DLC added that are being worked on by EA Dice.

Star Wars: Battlefront hotfix removes "instant level 60" exploit

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A few days ago, a major update was released that added free content for Star Wars: Battlefront alongside the premium Outer Rim DLC. However, that update also created an exploit that allowed users to instantly achieve level 60. It has been addressed in a hotfix released earlier this morning that brought servers down temporarily.

Outer Rim DLC now available for Star Wars: Battlefront season pass owners

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The Outer Rim DLC is now available for Star Wars: Battlefront season pass owners, and weighs in at just under 9 GB of hard drive space. It includes some new gameplay modes, weapons, heroes, maps and a level cap increase to 60. The DLC also adds a new feature called Hutt Contracts.

Fans make their own Star Wars: Battlefront 3 with Galaxy In Turmoil

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Not everyone was satisfied with EA Dice's attempt to reboot the Star Wars: Battlefront series, so a group of fan developers have taken it upon themselves to work on their own take on a new Battlefront game with Star Wars: Galaxy In Turmoil. The main ModDB page states, "Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil is a project by Frontwire Studios that plans to re-create what Battlefront III was meant to be."

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