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Rumour: Star Wars: Battlefront campaign spans entire original trilogy and leads up to The Force Awakens

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Bothan spies have managed to scurry away with critical intel on the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront from DICE. This can be taken as no more than a rumour for now but it seems we'll be living through the original Star Wars films.

We'll have some battles to play in from the prequel trilogy, such as the Clones fighting the Separatists, but otherwise the big focus is on a very lengthy campaign from A New Hope to The Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars: Battlefront will be released Holiday 2015

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As expected, DICE and EA are planning to release Star Wars: Battlefront just in time to ride the wave of hysteria generated by the next Star Wars film.

A tweet from EA confirmed that Battlefront will release "for Holiday 2015", meaning it will drop at around the same time that Star Wars: Episode VII hits cinemas next December.

EA would ideally like to release Star Wars: Battlefront alongside Episode VII

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It might not surprise you to learn that EA would prefer to synchronize the release of their highly anticipated shooter Star Wars Battlefront with the next film in the movie series, Star Wars Episode VII.

Speaking during an investor's call EA's vice president of investor relations Rob Sison said "obviously we would prefer to be close to the movie, but I wouldn’t say that we’re directly tied to it.”

Lucasfilm decree future Star Wars video games 'will be canon'

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In case you were unaware, Lucasfilm has 'freed themselves' of the Star Wars Expanded Universe by declaring it not official canon to Star Wars. That's so they're free to explore the new trilogy in the works.

However it also means that every game up until this point is also outside the canon, but Lucasfilm have said every new title from this moment on will be considered official.

Sniper Elite loses multiplayer servers, "Rebellion not consulted" over decision

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Developer Rebellion confirms that Sniper Elite's mulitplayer servers through Gamespy are no longer running, but not by a decision reached themselves. GLU Mobile pulled the plug 'without consultation'.

The studio had been paying the third-party so Sniper Elite fans could "play online for free," which they've been doing for the past seven years. GLU have targetted other older titles too, like SWAT 4.

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