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Star Wars: Battlefront open beta starting October 8

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Electronic Arts has revealed that the open beta for its multiplayer shooter Star Wars: Battlefront will start on 8 October 2015.

Star Wars: Battlefront will have dedicated servers

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The revelation that Star Wars: Battlefront will not feature a server browser wasn't greeted with particular enthusiasm, and lead many to assume that the game wouldn't support dedicated servers, either.

Thankfully, EA DICE's Jamie Keen has confirmed that isn't the case, in an interview with Playstation Lifestyle.

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta will be open to everybody

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Rather than offering entry out to pre-order customers only, EA DICE is opening up the forthcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Beta to everybody.

Community manager Mathew Everett confirmed the news in a recent community update, and clarified that the Beta would feature both online and offline play, including co-op and split-screen. Walker Assault mode on Hoth will be playable, as will Drop Zone on Sullust and cop-op Survival on Tatooine.

Star Wars: Battlefront contains Endor speeder bike racing trials

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One of the most iconic Stars Wars scenes is the sequence in Return of the Jedi when Luke and Leia pursue two scout troopers through the forest of Endor on speeder bikes.

You'll be able to recreate that moment in the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront, according to a leaked snippet from an upcoming issue of the Playstation magazine spotted by users on NeoGAF.

EA DICE details new Star Wars: Battlefront mode, Drop Zone‏

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EA DICE announced a Beta for Star Wars: Battlefront recently, and simultaneously teased a new game mode called Drop Zone.

Now the developer has lifted the lid on just what players can expect from the new mode. It might not entirely surprise you to learn that it's all about capturing falling drop pods.

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