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Star Wars: Battlefront Beta extended for one day

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Here's some good news if you've enjoyed running around blasting stormtroopers in the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta these last few days – EA Dice has extended it until Tuesday, giving you one whole extra day to play.

As well as letting players spend a bit more time getting a feel for the game, the additional time will help the developers carry out "further technical tests on our infrastructure". Hopefully avoiding any nasty launch issues.

New Hero characters, mode discovered in Star Wars: Battlefront Beta files

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Inevitably, some Star Wars: Battlefront players have been sifting through the game's Beta files, and they've discovered a few new Hero characters and a new game mode.

Han Solo and Princess Leia will both be playable, to no one's great surprise given that the game skews towards celebrating the original trilogy more than the prequels, but it's the presence of the Emperor that excites me. You just can't go wrong with a bit of Force Lightning.

TONIGHT 9PM: Star Wars Battlefront: Early Beta Streaming!

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Chris Capel will be streaming the early beta of Star Wars Battlefront TONIGHT!

EA reveals system requirements for Star Wars: Battlefront

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EA has revealed the minimum and recommended system requirements for next month's Star Wars: Battlefront over on the game's Origin page, and to play on the recommended setting you're going to need a fairly hefty setup.

This is a slightly altered list compared to what was released a few months back for the game's closed Beta, increasing the amount of minimum RAM while lowering the required specs of the graphics card.

Star Wars: Battlefront open beta starting October 8

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Electronic Arts has revealed that the open beta for its multiplayer shooter Star Wars: Battlefront will start on 8 October 2015.

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