Star Wars Battlefront II Mods

Category Name Mods Downloads Total size Last update
General Mods 14 13,445 Feb 08, 2016
New Weapons 1 4,513 Feb 09, 2016
Skins / Textures / Menu Mods 3 4,199 Feb 09, 2016
Total / Partial Conversion Mods 4 9,243 Feb 08, 2016
All Mods 355 120,246 24 GB Feb 08, 2016

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Latest mods

Rise of the Spartans Demo Build

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 3 months ago
  • 142 MB

Experience Halo in the Battlefront II engine. This is the latest version of Lacedaemonios Ortum (Rise of the Spartans). Please note that it is a demo version.

Lacedaemonios Ortum (Rise of the Spartans) v0.2

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 3 months ago
  • 97.5 MB

Do you love Halo? Howe about Halo on a more modern game engine? Well, here you go: Lacedaemonios Ortum. Play as Master Chief, or teams, or just a massive battle. Download now and enjoy!

TORfront v2.0a Patch

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 3 months ago
  • 55.8 MB

This patch will update TORfront to version 2.0a. You must install over version 2.0.

TORfront v2.0

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 3 months ago
  • 169 MB

Immerse yourself in the Old Republic era of the Star Wars story. TORfront is a mappack set during those years. This version comes with three maps: Makeb, Belsavis and Alderaan.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Tsunami mod Full

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 4 months ago

This is a mod for fun! The mod adds a lot of water after the tsunami.

Star Wars Battlefront Republic Commando v1.3.1

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 6 months ago
  • 399 MB

An overhaul of Star Wars Battlefront II. This contains new weapons, sounds, textures and much more.

Droideka88's Fourth Skin Pack

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 2.26 MB

This pack from Droideka88 includes wide range of maps.

Suun Ra: Desert City v1.1 (Sky to Ground)

  • [Map]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 309 MB

My first map release. Started out as an experiment that tests the limits of mixing Starfighter combat with Infantry Conquest and XL ai numbers. Lots of ai, new starfighters, skyscrapers, and Capital ships! Intense fighting Takes place on platforms between

City Watch V3.5 Mod

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 34.1 MB

City Watch is a multiplayer and singleplayer mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2. It adds a new mode to Mos Eisley and Naboo.

Mass Effect: Unification R3 (Steam Version)

  • [Mod]
  • Posted almost 2 years ago
  • 1.32 GB

Many people think Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer should have been more similar to Battlefield or Battlefront with large-scale epic battles and the like; Mass Effect: Unification does just that.