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Star Wars Battlefront II Mods

Category Name Mods Downloads Total size Last update
Skins / Textures / Menu Mods 3 6,473 Jul 25, 2017
New Areas / Scenarios 1 2,486 Jul 26, 2017
General Mods 19 37,189 Jul 26, 2017
New Weapons 1 7,186 Jul 26, 2017
Total / Partial Conversion Mods 5 15,069 Jul 26, 2017
All Mods 363 206,401 25.2 GB Jul 26, 2017

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Latest mods

Clone Wars Era Mod

  • [Mod]
  • Posted 11 months ago
  • 494 MB

Ever wanted to play Battlefront II in the era of the Clone Wars with the Great Army of the Republic? With this mod you can. It reworks the Republic side so that you can choose between several signature regiments that made up the legendary precursors to the Storm Troopers. The mod even includes two new special officers and a slew of new lore friendly weapons to outfit your clone troops with.

Space Kamino: Modern version V1.03

  • [Map]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 7.63 MB

After the destruction of the second death star, the empire became desperate for solutions to bring back their army back up and shape. With no leader, it was hard to figure out how. Only the Emperor and Vader knew how to create the Death Star. Meanwhile, they come across the planet kamino and rediscovered that they have cloning facilities and can steal it to create more stormtroopers. With the few Imperial Star Destroyers left, they head to Kamino, but as they reach Kamino, they get caught in a battle between the Republic and the CIS. They immidiately looked at them as enemies and started attacking each other.

Rise of the Empire

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 152 MB

This is an map pack. It contains the latest versions of five new maps.

The Force Awakens

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 132 MB

This mod draws inspiration from the newest Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. This adds a new map, a new era, new classes, new heroes and much more.

Saga of the 607th MOD

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 133 MB

This is an map pack, with 8 brand new, custom maps. These maps are spposed to be played by the 607th Legion.

Special Mappack #2

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 153 MB

This map pack adds six new maps. Kashyyyk, Kachirho, MYGEETO, Utapau Assault, and Tatooine, Tuskencamp.

Birth of the Rebellion Mod

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 24.2 MB

This mod adds a new map, and an era for that map. This special era is only available for the new map.

Galactic Civil War ll (Force Awakens) 1.6

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 147 MB

This mod adds special battles that take place in space, as well as a new map called Jakku: Outpost.

Rise of the Spartans Demo Build

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 142 MB

Experience Halo in the Battlefront II engine. This is the latest version of Lacedaemonios Ortum (Rise of the Spartans). Please note that it is a demo version.

Lacedaemonios Ortum (Rise of the Spartans) v0.2

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 1 year ago
  • 97.5 MB

Do you love Halo? Howe about Halo on a more modern game engine? Well, here you go: Lacedaemonios Ortum. Play as Master Chief, or teams, or just a massive battle. Download now and enjoy!