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Star Wars Battlefront II Review

The Star Wars setting is keying all by itself and the Battlefront II just adds to the scintillating set up of the Star Wars battlefield.

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GOG brings back Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)

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Pandemic's 2005 Battlefront II has been offline since the GameSpy shutdown in 2014, but now GOG will be offering new official multiplayer servers for the game through GOG Galaxy.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Enters Open Beta In Early October - Here's How To Get Involved

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Whether you skipped out on the first Star Wars Battlefront revival or not, you've probably heard there's another on the way. Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA and DICE's large-scale multiplayer shooter, enters Open Beta in just over a week, and here's how you can get firing those blasters.

The Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Is Now Free - That's All DLC For 100% Off

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If your Star Wars Battlefront 2 hype has reached fever pitch, you can settle the cravings with all-you-can-eat Star Wars Battlefront.

Here's Everything You Can Expect From The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta

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Properly revealed at E3 earlier this year, we've known about Star Wars Battlefront 2 since EA first revealed plans to bring the series back a few years ago.

Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 lives in new mod, now in Open Beta 3

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The Battlefront III Legacy Mod for Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II recreates everything from the cancelled game using leaked assets.

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