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Mass Effect writer Drew Karpyshyn returns to BioWare to work on the Old Republic

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Former Mass Effect writer Drew Karpyshyn has returned to BioWare to take up story duties on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Having just finished his own book trilogy, Chaos Born, it's a natural time for Drew Karpyshyn to return to the company where he made his name.

"Working at BioWare was a challenging but very rewarding job," he writes on his blog, "and it’s good to be back as part of the team. The thing I missed most about BioWare was the amazing people I got to work with, and luckily for me many of them are still there! I suspect a lot of folks are going to wonder if this means BioWare is about to announce a new project tied to my return. The short answer: no. I originally came to the Austin studio many years ago to work on SWTOR and – at least for now – that’s what I’m focusing on again."

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of The Fallen Empire trailer introduces the Outlander

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Bioware has dropped the first in-game trailer for upcoming expansion Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of The Fallen Empire, and it introduces The Outlander, the player's character in the brand new story.

This guy/gal is a veteran of the Great Galactic War, the galaxy-wide conflict that took place across the course of the main game. You can either play the same character you guided through the rest of The Old Republic, or choose to start from level 60 with a brand new hero.

E3 2015: Details of Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion leak early, free to subscribers [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: Expansion details confirmed and trailer released.

Original story follows

The upcoming expansion to MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic from BioWare is "only the beginning" says a leaked breakdown of the Knights of the Fallen Empire add-on. It has since been pulled from the official website.

There's a third faction threatening the galaxy, according to a capture of the leaked page. It launches October 27th and is "free to all subscribers". We can start at level 60, build an alliance and continue class stories.

E3 2015: EA's E3 Press Conference today @ 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 - Watch it here! FINISHED

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This year's conference from EA is going to be dominated by one thing: Star Wars: Battlefront. The Press Conference will begin 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 and run for about an hour. There's a bit to get through.

Aside from DICE's revival of Battlefront there's also BioWare's new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic which adds new companions and worlds, and there's Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Star Wars: The Old Republic gets "largest story-driven" expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire, unveils at E3 2015

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During EA's announcement of their E3 2015 line-up they reveal a new story-driven expansion for BioWare's MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. This new expansion will be focusing on "cinematic storytelling" with all-new dynamic content.

It's so big in fact that we'll have "new worlds to explore, new companions to recruit" and a story that unfolds based on the decisions we make. EA's E3 conference begins Monday, June 15 @ 1:00pm PDT / 9:00pm GMT+1.

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