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Valve kicks off Scream Fortress 6 for Team Fortress 2

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Now that they're done treating fans to a Scream Fortress retrospective, Valve has moved on to the serious business of releasing this year's entry.

Team Fortress 2 fans can expect a fun if unhygienic time in 'Merasmus's Carnival of Carnage'; as well as bumper cars and inventive curses, Scream Fortress 6 adds... lakes of urine.

Valve brings every previous Halloween event for Team Fortress 2 back from the dead‏

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It's a bumper Halloween special for Team Fortress 2, as Valve has brought back every single one of its of its 'Scream Fortress' events to get players ready for this year's horror-themed extravaganza.

"If we threw you into the 900-mile-an-hour hellride we've got planned this year without warming you up first," explains the developer, "you'd essentially be going from an idle state of terrorlessness to a shrieking nightmare of solid 100% terror almost instantly."

Russian documentary accidentally uses Team Fortress 2 fan art

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A recent Russian documentary on wartime propaganda showed what was described as a American First World War anti-German poster. Only one problem - the image was a piece of Team Fortress 2 fan art starring the loveable Soldier, and was brought to you by "Team Demoman".

How the hell do these things get past the researchers? Someone must have literally just Googled "soldier eating babies poster" and then nipped off home early.

Team Fortress 2 Love and War update adds new in-game "expressions", hints at upcoming co-op content

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Valve has added a new Love and War update to their free-to-play, class-based shooter Team Fortress 2. So that's what the website timer was counting down to.

Rather than new maps or gear, the update adds new in-game 'expression' animations: the conga, the square dance, the skull cracker, the flip and rock, paper scissors. There's also a fifteen minute Source Engine film showing the TF2 crew taking on a tentacled monstrosity. Is that a hint at more upcoming content?

Team Fortress 2 site has mysterious teaser countdown

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Hmm. Valve's Team Fortress 2 website has a timer, currently counting down from 13 hours as of this post.

What could it mean?

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