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Team Fortress 2 Summary

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Halloween Will Look More Or Less The Same For Team Fortress 2 Players

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Looking forward to this year's spooktacular Halloween update for Team Fortress 2? Well you might as well stop. There isn't one! Boo!

Team Fortress 2 gives a Tip of the Hat to charity

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When Overwatch first launched many people likened it to Team Fortress 2. But there are a couple things that TF2 has that Overwatch doesn't. First is hats. Second, while Overwatch is a wonderful game, they have not yet tipped their non-existent hats to charity, unlike Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2’s matchmaking beta plans detailed

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Back in my day, you had to scroll through a server browser when you wanted to play TF2! You had to wait for this long list of server names, and pick one that appealed to you, and make sure it was the mode you wanted, and that it wasn’t full or empty… This “kids these days” rant isn’t really that impressive, is it?

Team Fortress 2 finally getting competitive matchmaking

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It's sort of astonishing that the venerable class-based online shooter Team Fortress 2, which made its debut way back in October 2007, has never had any sort of competitive matchmaking. It didn't even have it when it went free-to-play in 2011. That all is going to change, however, as Valve has confirmed there will be a beta for the feature later this year.

Turbulence wins this year's Saxxy Award for Best Overall Film

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Valve has announced the Fifth Annual Saxxy Awards winner for 2015. For the past few years, the company has given out accolades to the best machinema using Source Filmmaker, most of which use their licensed properties, with several categories, including Action, Comedy and so on.

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