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The Banner Saga Latest News

Stoic Admits They "Dropped The Ball" With The Banner Saga 2 - But The Trilogy Will End

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Following the huge success of indie smash-hit The Banner Saga, everything was looking up for the ex-Bioware startup. But a few wrong decisions left its sequel performing far below its predecessor.

Banner Saga creative director working on new title Killers and Thieves

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The Banner Saga was released back in January, 2014, a visually astonishing blend of animated Norse storytelling and turn-based tactical combat. Now the game's lead director is working on a new title.

Killers and Thieves has the player running a thieves guild, hiring burglars and bandits to do their dirty work, upgrading their base of operations, and planning elaborate heists. Like Banner Saga, it makes use of some beautiful 2D, hand-drawn visuals, but this time they're inspired by the work of comic artist Mike Mignola.

Roguelike RPG Bedlam to be published by Versus Evil, built using The Banner Saga engine

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This summer indie publisher Versus Evil will be bringing the post-apocalyptic roguelike RPG Bedlam to PC, from developer Skyshine Games, who has been working with Stoic's Banner Saga engine.

We'll lead a "motley crew of humans, mutants, robots, and cyborgs" across a wasteland fighting off marauders and other terrors as we pilot the last remaining colossal Dozer, the Boneshaker.

World of Tanks and The Banner Saga "filtered out" by Paradox Interactive, "not always our money to make"

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If you ask whether Paradox Interactive would have liked to have published MMO World of Tanks and surprise hit The Banner Saga, then surely they'd jump at the chance? Not so, reveals VP of acquisition, Shams Jorjani.

Paradox actually had the opportunity to sign them but didn't "due to them not matching our pillars," they explained. CEO Fred Wester adds they "weren't sure about the business model" for World of Tanks.

Stoic to continue The Banner Saga, "quite honestly blown away" by support

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Despite's legal attack against Stoic for use of the word 'Saga', the three developers at Stoic vow to continue the journey of The Banner Saga "after a short hiatus". They can't thank fans for their support enough.

The team offer their "heart-felt thank you" and know people are hungry for the story to continue. It seems unlikely will succeed in their legal suit.

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