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Stoic to continue The Banner Saga, "quite honestly blown away" by support

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Despite's legal attack against Stoic for use of the word 'Saga', the three developers at Stoic vow to continue the journey of The Banner Saga "after a short hiatus". They can't thank fans for their support enough.

The team offer their "heart-felt thank you" and know people are hungry for the story to continue. It seems unlikely will succeed in their legal suit. made "direct, blatant clone" of indie's Scamperghost

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Things are heating up with, who recently filed a trademark 'Notice of Opposition' against Stoic's The Banner Saga for use of a single word. Matt Cox, creator of ScamperGhost, says 'stole his game'.

While acknowledging that Scamperghost "isn't the most original game" he did at least make it unique, but contracted another indie to make a "direct, blatant clone" of his casual title.

Stoic "won't make a Viking saga without the word Saga," reponds to King's dispute

article image has filed a 'Notice of Opposition' over Stoic's Viking turn-based RPG The Banner Saga, despite the Candy Crush Saga creator admitting they know Stoic's game 'isn't threatening' to their IP.

Stoic has responded saying that, while " claims they're not attempting to prevent us from using The Banner Saga," their legal opposition filing against them remains.

The Banner Saga target of 'Saga' trademark by Candy Crush Saga studio King

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Lawyers protect the caravan! Stoic's The Banner Saga is under attack by trademark bandits who covet the use of 'Saga' in their turn-based tactical RPG. Candy Crush Saga creator King is leading the raid party.

King claims their use of Saga is "likely to cause confusion" with their own IP. That's true, I'm confused right now - what is Candy Crush Saga? Oh right, it's about candy.

Stoic's Viking RPG strategy The Banner Saga releases today for PC and Mac

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The Viking themed RPG strategy The Banner Saga from indie studio Stoic will be launching a little later today for Windows and PC via bazaar of digital store fronts like Steam, Gamefly etc.

It is another prodigy of Kickstarter success and released partially last year as a free-to-play multiplayer game. It uses a 2D art style and turn-based combat as we guide the fate of a civilization.

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