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Chris Capel goes once more into the Oblivion breach, dear friends..

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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 adds Collections System, "will free up a ton of space"

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All that clutter in your backpack is about to get a significant spring clean, thanks to Update 6 for The Elder Scrolls Online. The dev team has decided to implement a Collections System, but what does that mean?

It means items considered as 'collectibles', like pets and mounts, won't be stuff in your backpack any more. Instead they'll have their own section with "easy access" without lugging them around.

Update 6 for The Elder Scrolls Online allows you to indulge your criminal tendencies

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You'll be able to find out for yourself if crime does indeed pay when Update 6 for The Elder Scrolls Online launches early this year - the focus is firmly on the less heroic side of adventuring.

A new Justice system will finally allow you to indulge your criminal side, looting NPCs and stores, murdering citizens and beating up mouthy peasants. Of course, if you get caught doing any of these things the consequences can be unpleasant.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited due March 17th, ushers in free-to-play

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ZeniMax Online's subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to a close, much to no one's surprise, and it will be making the switch to free-to-play in mid-March.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is the re-release of the MMO, and all PC gamers will get a free upgrade March 17th. From then on only a one-time purchase is needed to play.

Rumour: The Elder Scrolls Online going free-to-play, copies removed from shops

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It's been long rumoured that ZeniMax Online will admit defeat and unveil that The Elder Scrolls Online just isn't working as a monthly subscription MMO and will instead be relaunched free-to-play. More evidence begins to mount.

According to sources, Australia's EB Games is to no longer stock physical copies of The Elder Scrolls Online, which makes sense as its packaging would be inaccurate and therefore illegal.

Update 6 in January for The Elder Scrolls Online, crime wave expected

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ZeniMax Online is getting ready for the Champion System and the Justice System to be introduced to The Elder Scrolls Online early next year. The next huge update will hit the PTS in January.

Post-level 50 veteran progression changes are on the horizon and so is theft and even murder of NPCs. It'll be introduced in phases, meaning it's purely a PvE affair for now.

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