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Tava's Blessing mod brings Skyrim to the Arabian desert

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Gamers who are tired of the generally Nordic theme of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may want to try the Tava's Blessing mod, which dramatically shifts the game to an Arabian-style desert setting, along with three quests and new NPCs to encounter. The central hub is the titular desert port city of Tava's Blessing.

MediEvil - Hero of Gallowmere Mod Released for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Have you ever played the MediEvil series of videogames dating back to the late 90’s? If so, you will be familiar with this mod. Based on those old games, this mod has you playing as the resurrected knight Sir Daniel Fortesque. It features four levels crafted with the Skyrim engine, totalling about 3 hours of gameplay. Packed with humor and festive Halloween embellishments, give this mod a download and see how fun it can be.

The Walking Dead are out to get you in this Skyrim Mod

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They’re out to get you. Or at least they can be with this mod that transforms all foxes, bunnies, and mud crabs into flesh-eating denizens of the dead. You can fight the hordes or, if you’re so inclined, watch them maul other unsuspecting citizens of Skyrim. The mod is easily enabled and disabled, allowing you to play around with an undead dystopian Skyrim at your leisure.

Valve still shows interest in paid mods despite fiasco

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Despite the unadulterated mess that followed with Valve quickly taking the system down earlier this year, a new interview shows that Valve may still be interested in finding a way to allow modders to find compensation for their creative tweaks.

Skywind mod team talks voice acting, music and more in latest blog post

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The team behind ambitious Morrowind-to- Skyrim mod Skywind has been reaching out to its fan community in order to find voice actors to read the huge amount of NPC dialogue in the game, and it's shown off some of the results in a recent blog post.

Judging by some brief sample videos like the one embedded below, it's some very impressive work. I've played dozens of retail games with way worse voice acting than this.

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