Tom Clancy's The Division

Fighting to prevent the fall of society, the agents will find themselves caught up in an epic conspiracy.
EU & US Release date: 8 Mar, 2016

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Division beta hints at third enemy faction called the Last Man Battalion

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It sounds like, aside from cheating issues that Ubisoft is looking into, that the Division closed beta went pretty well. So well, in fact, that folks are seriously digging in to see what’s awaiting in the final product.

The Division closed beta hints of end-game raids in final product

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The closed beta of Tom Clancy's The Division has ended, with the only real complaint being rampant cheating in the PC version; Ubisoft has promised to clean that up. There's still questions players have about the end-game content, and if there will be multi-group raids.

One YouTuber states that there will be, thanks to info gleaned from the beta.

Humble Ubisoft Bundle offers up Division pre-order, Grow Home, more

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Do you remember when the Humble Bundle was all about indie games? I do. (I still haven’t played my copy of Penumbra: Overture, though.) THQ and EA have both gotten on the pay-what-you-want charity bandwagon, and now Ubisoft is following suit.

The Division beta reportedly suffering widespread cheating

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Gamers heading into the Dark Zone, a special area reserved for PvP action, should be warned, as the region is reportedly suffering widespread hacking and cheating. According to frustrated players, it's making the mode unplayable for legitimate gameplay. Cheats include unlimited ammo and superspeed.

The Division beta extended one more day

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For gamers enjoying the Tom Clancy's The Division beta, some good news: Ubisoft has decided to extend the beta test for another 24 hours. The extension is part of Ubisoft expanding the scope of the beta, inviting more players into it.

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