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Data mined from The Division website hints at a forthcoming Alpha

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Information data mined from the website of spy thriller The Division suggests that the game is set to kick off an alpha test shortly.

Reddit forum users (who else?) uncovered the section in question on the HTML5 Version of the official website. Fiddling with the site's code causes an 'Alpha' section to pop up in the menu bar.

Ubisoft's The Division website found to have 'Alpha' section in code

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Data mining has revealed the HTML5 code for Ubisoft's The Division website is harbouring an 'Alpha' section, which for now leads to a dead-end. No such alpha testing has been announced.

However Ubisoft are bringing back the 'Ubisoft Lounge' for GDC 2015 next week, and two lead designers for the online shooter will be in attendance. Could we hear something then?

Massive claims that The Division on PC won't be "downgraded" because of consoles‏

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Massive Entertainment has claimed that those who buy the PC version of Tom Clancy's The Division will be able to "cram it up a bit" if they have high-end hardware.

Massive's Martin Hulberg also promised that The Division isn't being “downgraded” from its full potential in order to play on current-gen consoles.

The Division is "a classless RPG" say Ubisoft in new video

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Tom Clancy's The Division is a classless RPG, according to Ubisoft, with the game encouraging players to experiment with various talents rather than locking them to one skill tree.

"We like to call ourselves a classless RPG," says game director Ryan Barnard in a video released yesterday by Ubisoft, "so we don't want to front-load our players with a choice right when you start the game, when you don't know how the game works or how you might want to play."

Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed Unity part of Ubisoft's E3 2014 line-up

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Ubisoft has confirmed that the newly announced Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity will be a part of this year's E3 event by the publisher, as will The Division, The Crew, and others like Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

They'll showcase the "latest rich, immersive experiences" in the works from their in-house teams. CEO Yves Guillemot confident they have 'something for everyone' this year.

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