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Tom Clancy's The Division Summary

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The Division’s recent Steam reviews list the game as Overwhelmingly Negative

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You know what sucks? The Division. At least, that’s what everyone on Steam seems to think. The recent Steam reviews seem to paint the game is a horrible light, judging by the 1,559 overwhelmingly negative reviews found on the game’s Steam page.

We find ourselves writing a lot about all the problems found in The Division. It seems Massive Entertainment (the developers behind The Division) may have tried to stretch themselves too thin when attempting to make this huge game.

The Division's latest patch 1.2 causes characters to disappear

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Despite holding the record for being Ubisoft's fastest selling game, The Division's had somewhat of a turbulent launch period. There's been all sorts of bugs and server issues, with gamers blocking your progress online by standing in doorways, cheating by using "Loot Cave" exploits and a former Respawn and Sony Programmer, Glenn Fiedler, even claimed that the game would never be entirely secure on PC.

The Division 1.2 update brings four new gear sets to the game

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Along with the new Incursion – Clear Sky, the changes to the loot system, Dark Zone changes and new Player versus Environment activities, Massive are introducing four new gear sets to the game.

The four gear sets are: Hunters faith, a set designed for players using the Marksman rifle; Lone Star, set designed for players wanting to deal a lot of damage; Final Measure, a set that grants players a great amount of protection and Predator’s Mark, a set designed for support players.

The Division 1.2 patch will consist of buffs only

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Ubisoft Massive have started to confirm some of the changes that will be coming to The Division’s 1.2 patch this month.

Although the patch is still in the testing phase, a number of changes were discussed on The Division’s ‘State of the Game’ Twitch stream a couple of hours ago. One of the major changes includes a new Dark Zone Bracket where more generous loot will be given. It was also announced on the stream that the balancing of the game will consist of buffs, only.

The Division: Awaiting “permanent solution” for absent daily missions

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About an hour ago, @TheDivisionGame tweeted this message:

“We are aware that Daily Missions are missing once again today. A permanent solution to this recurring problem is being looked into”.

This is referring to a glitch which has been an ongoing issue since the game introduced its Incursion expansion. Yes, the same expansion that brought us the dreaded Falcon Lost mission and the exploits that followed.

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