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The Division character select, skill trees, and weapon customization revealed

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A new video has been posted after a Ubisoft community Q&A answered community questions revolving around one of their latest Tom Clancy products, The Division. The Q&A reportedly went over several key components of the game including character selection, weapon customization, and skills.

The Division appears on Steam along with "Gold Edition" offer

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One of the latest projects in the Tom Clancy universe and open-world co-op shooter The Division has appeared on Steam for pre-order. In addition to offering pre-order bonuses such as access to the Beta and exclusive gear, a Gold Edition is also being offered for the game alongside the standard pre-order.

Beta sign-ups now open for Tom Clancy's The Division

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If you're curious as to exactly what's going on with Ubisoft's oft-delayed Tom Clancy's The Division, you can sign up now for a chance to take part in the closed beta.

It's set to drop on Xbox One first this December (those thrice-cursed exclusivity deals), but then it will make it to the PC in early 2016. Signing up doesn't guarantee access – only pre-ordering the game will do that – but Ubisoft will notify you via email if you are one of the chosen few.

Season Pass for Tom Clancy's The Division to include "major expansions" for a year

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Ubisoft has unsurprisingly unveiled another Season Pass and this time it's for open-world third-person MMO Tom Clancy's The Division. So far there are three versions of the game to pre-order, which includes a Collector's Edition.

A Gold Edition includes the standard game and the Season Pass for £74.99. The planned chunks of DLC will be "major expansions" says Ubisoft, and will be covered for a full year.

E3 2015: Over 10 minutes of 'Multiplayer Gameplay Walkthrough' for Tom Clancy’s The Division

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We finally get to see more of Ubisoft's ambitious MMO action-RPG Tom Clancy’s The Division, which features a near-future New York City in a post-disaster state with 'Division Agents' left to pick up the pieces.

Multiplayer is obviously the game's primary focus and Ubisoft have just released a 10 minute gameplay walkthrough that takes us into a 'Dark Zone', where trouble lurks everywhere including from other agents.

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