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Tom Clancy's The Division Latest News

The Division Patch 1.4 aims to rebalance game for newer players

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Ubisoft's third-person open world shooter, The Division, was a huge success in terms of sales upon its launch. As the game has progressed, however, the cracks began to show when balancing the loot based multiplayer shooter.

The Division Opens Up Public Test Servers later This Week

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Ubisoft's launch of The Division could only be described as one of the most peculiar in recent memory. The game flew off shelves, broke records and rode the hype train all the way to the bank. But even though many seemed to enjoy its blend of shooting and looting, the game received heavy backlash when it was abundantly clear it needed a little more time in the oven to iron out the bugs.

After the playerbase dropped by more than 90% in the first few months, Ubisoft decided to risk their cash-flow further by delaying any new content in favor of fixing up the game's buggy woes.

Division DLC delayed in favor of improving the game

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Don’t you just hate it when a major AAA release comes along, offers months of content with some issues, and then they go and release paid DLC rather than patching those problems? Well, Ubisoft is getting a step (or maybe just a half-step) ahead of the curve, because they’re delaying the next two Division expansions to focus on improvements to the core game.

The Division’s recent Steam reviews list the game as Overwhelmingly Negative

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You know what sucks? The Division. At least, that’s what everyone on Steam seems to think. The recent Steam reviews seem to paint the game is a horrible light, judging by the 1,559 overwhelmingly negative reviews found on the game’s Steam page.

We find ourselves writing a lot about all the problems found in The Division. It seems Massive Entertainment (the developers behind The Division) may have tried to stretch themselves too thin when attempting to make this huge game.

The Division's latest patch 1.2 causes characters to disappear

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Despite holding the record for being Ubisoft's fastest selling game, The Division's had somewhat of a turbulent launch period. There's been all sorts of bugs and server issues, with gamers blocking your progress online by standing in doorways, cheating by using "Loot Cave" exploits and a former Respawn and Sony Programmer, Glenn Fiedler, even claimed that the game would never be entirely secure on PC.

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