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NCSoft's new MMO from a team of Blizzard veterans. just don't call it WoWstar.

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WildStar's next update adds various customisation options, including carrot pets and mobile wardrobes

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I'm not sure if it's the secret to reviving a flagging game's fortunes, but I'll be damned if I can find a bad side to adding anthropomorphic carrots, necrotic goats, or desperado cats to a game.

Which is exactly what Carbine Studios is doing with WildStar. The upcoming INVASION: Nexus update will contain various customisation options, including 54 purely cosmetic pets.

Carbine release 'The Protogames Initiative' for MMO WildStar

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The fourth content update for WildStar from Carbine Studios is now out, and the developer boasts it address feedback from players "in the first half of 2015," such as improvements to 'quest flow'.

The Protogames Academy has been introduced to help new WildStar players acclimate to running dungeons in this level-10 run, but there's also the Ultimate Protogames for level-50 veterans.

Carbine reveals 2015 roadmap for MMO WildStar

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Carbine Studios has revealed the 2015 roadmap for WildStar, a perfectly decent and enjoyable MMORPG that's got off to a bit of a difficult start since its launch last year.

Amongst the new year's resolutions are a bunch of new solo and group content including adventures and dungeons, better customisation options, and an improved late-game experience.

Carbine Studios lays out plans for first WildStar update of 2015

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Carbine Studios has big plans for its sci-fi fantasy MMO Wildstar moving into 2015, and it's keen to share them with fans. Hence this new blog post from the team, detailing exactly what they're working on.

As well as new bits and pieces of content, and some general 'quality of life' improvements, the main thrust of the update plans seem to be focused on making general play more accessible to players of all levels and play-styles.

Carbine's MMO WildStar in 'Proto-Sale' with 50% off, includes Deluxe Edition

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The colourful and tongue-in-cheek MMO WildStar is currently on sale with 50% shaved off the asking price, for both the standard and deluxe editions. The deluxe upgrade though remains at full price.

It's a good time to get involved if you've been keeping an eye on things, especially since earlier this month they released the Mystery of the Genesis Prime update with a huge list of fixes.

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