Download Weapon, Hud, and Blood Mod (1.0001)

This mod adds in new blood marks, redoes the hud, and changes many weapon aspects. ¤ Fixed .50cal making game crash at bar ¤ Pistols do less damage and are not way over powered ¤ New blood marks for when you are bleeding ¤ Added 2 new ammo .357 sig hollowpoint and flat point only used in sig 226 pistol ¤ Renamed sig 220 to 226 for more realism ¤ changed clip size for desert eagle to 7 for realism ¤ Description for new stuff made and some game ones edited ¤ Can now buy my 5 new types of ammo from freedom and trader too ¤ New full auto pistol (only purchased from bar) •v1.000 (beta pre release) ¤ Remade blood effects (all textures are now 256 by 256, less jaggy, more variations) ¤ New crosshair for grenade throwing (a small transparent white circle) ¤ HUD design slightly changed ¤ Deleted some warning message texts from HUD and replaced with new flashing warning icons "The weapon has jammed. you need to reload" » broken bullet icon (under the crosshair) "Hazourdous radiation level. Protection requierd to pass" » human skull icon (right corner of HUD) "Critical psi-emission level. Leave the dangerous zone immediately." » brain dead icon (right corner of HUD) "You're too heavily loaded to continue" » backpack icon (right corner of HUD) ¤ The stance icons are only displayed while you are crouching/deep crouching. ¤ Smaller crosshair ¤ No crosshair (a white circle) while you unarmed ¤ Modified blood puff (hit effects) ¤ Bigger blood wall marks (and more texture variations. these are made from unused STALKER textures) ¤ Compatible with all screen resolutions ¤ 9 new blood effects ¤ Weapons of the same caliber all do the same damage but acuracy is varied ¤ Pistols do more damage so can now be used as a backup if you don't have time to relaod ¤ 3 new ammo types 1 type of shotgun shell and 2 types of .50cal bullets for desert eagle(based off actual ammo) ¤ New ammo can only be purchased from bar ¤ Grenades have more shrapnel and it flys faster f1 has more range and rdg5 has more damage ¤ Traders have almost everything ¤ Boddies disapear much faster ¤ Normal buckshot does less damage but has more than 2 times the ammount of pellets

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