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There's Another Destiny 2 Faction Rally Farming Exploit That Drastically Speeds Things Along

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As a new service separate from its console counterparts, the PC version of Destiny 2 was updated to include the 'Faction Rally' end-game feature just a few days ago. Another activity that relies on farming monsters for loot tokens, players have already found an exploit that drastically reduces the time needed to earn reputation for your chosen team.

The Latest Destiny 2 PC Hotfix Introduced Massive Stuttering Issues For Players

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Destiny 2's PC port has been hailed as a marvel of PC engineering at this point. In a time where lazy ports are all around us, Bungie seemingly did the impossible. Then a hotfix managed to undo their hard work.

Players Are Starting To Make Impressive Animated Desktop Wallpapers Out Of Destiny 2's High-Resolution Space Scenes

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Space is as beautiful as it is terrifying, but running around planets shooting stuff with a gorgeous view on the horizon makes it better. One Destiny 2 player captured a 4K timelapse of the PC version's impressive view of the Traveller, and it can spin on your desktop with the right tools.

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