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Activision Under Investigation for Fraud Over Bungie Departure

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And so, the plot thickens.

Destiny 2 Gets Three New Pinnacle Weapons Next Week - Here's How to Get Them

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The new firearms will be top-of-the-line in most aspects, but they're going to require a time investment if you want to get your paws on them.

Destiny 2: Update 1.2.3 Released

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Check out what PC-specific tweaks and fixes have Bungie prepared for the PC build of their flagship franchise.

There's Another Destiny 2 Faction Rally Farming Exploit That Drastically Speeds Things Along

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As a new service separate from its console counterparts, the PC version of Destiny 2 was updated to include the 'Faction Rally' end-game feature just a few days ago. Another activity that relies on farming monsters for loot tokens, players have already found an exploit that drastically reduces the time needed to earn reputation for your chosen team.

The Latest Destiny 2 PC Hotfix Introduced Massive Stuttering Issues For Players

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Destiny 2's PC port has been hailed as a marvel of PC engineering at this point. In a time where lazy ports are all around us, Bungie seemingly did the impossible. Then a hotfix managed to undo their hard work.

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