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Destiny 2 Infusion - What's With The 'Base Power Too Low' Alert?

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The art of 'infusing' will be your best friend when it comes to leveling up your gear in Destiny 2. Much like how it worked in the original, it comes with a few rules; like only being able to infuse a higher level piece of equipment into a lower one.

You Can Reach The Reward Zone Of Destiny 2's Spire Without Winning A Match

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Destiny 2 has plenty of things for any player to do, but it mostly relates to grinding out more gear. One of quickest routes through this is the 'Trials of the Nine', a PvP mode found within the Crucible setlist that delivers grand rewards to those who consistently beat out the opposition.

Destiny 2 Xur Location And Gear - Friday, September 15

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With Destiny 2's first raid, Leviathan, cleared within 6 hours of it going live, the best of the best will say you don't need Xur to beat down the old Cabal commander. But we love Xur.

Destiny 2's Limited Edition Map Was Hiding A Secret In Plain Sight All Along

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Though there's every chance it was discovered too late, Reddit user Snow-Spyder had the bright idea of turning shining a UV torch onto the contents on the Destiny 2 Limited Edition bundle. And it worked.

With An Expected Power Level Of 260-280, Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid Is Set To Be Much More Accessible

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A standard aspect for MMOs since their inception has been for 'raids' to be the upper echelon of content geared toward players who enjoy smashing their heads against the wall for hours per day over a few weeks or months.

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