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Destiny 2 Server Status - Why is it Down for Maintenance?

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Why are the Destiny 2 servers down for Maintenance? That's the big question everyone is asking this morning. Here's the current Server Status.

Destiny 2 New Light - What Content is coming for Free?

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With New Light on the horizon, you might be wondering what is it, exactly, that's going to be free in Destiny 2? Here's all the confirmed content so far.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Armor - All New Sets Revealed

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Bungie has finally revealed all of the new armor sets that are coming with Shadowkeep, alongside tips on how and where we'll get them. Find all the details here.

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes

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Destiny 2's latest update isn't flashy, but it sure is filled to the brim with great quality-of-life updates. Find the full Update patch notes here.

Destiny 2 Battle Pass - How will it work?

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Bungie has revealed their upcoming battle pass gameplay mechanic, and we now know exactly what the system will look like, come Shadowkeep.

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