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Alice: Madness Returns Review

Chris Capel reviews the maddest game of the year, and then has some tea...

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American McGee Confirmed to Be Working on Alice 3 Story, Art and Design

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The next entry into American McGee's series is a prequel called Alice: Asylum.

American McGee Wants To Make A Sequel To Alice: Madness Returns - But The Ball Is In EA's Court

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With so many different reditions, variations and adaptions of Lew Carroll's Alice in Wonderland available in all different forms of media, you'd think people would have had enough by now. Not so; but American McGee has.

American McGee denies his studio Spicy Horse is shutting down

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Yesterday, an anonymous artist from Shanghai-based developer Spicy Horse claimed on Chinese social media site Weibo that the studio was shutting down. Studio founder American McGee denies this claim.

Alice: Otherlands begins Kickstarter campaign, 20 days for $200k

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American McGee has fired up his Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter which aims to secure the films rights to the IP so Spicy Horse can produce some animated shorts. Ultimately they want to produce a feature film.

They cancelled their Oz Action Adventure project in order to try their luck with convincing backers to pledge for more Alice, although this isn't a video game project. It could go 'The Animatrix' route.

Spicy Horse "sacrifices" Oz Kickstarter for "real chance with Alice"

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American McGee's Kickstarter campaign for an 'Oz Action Adventure' has been terminated early. With 20 days left it had achieved just 15% of its $950k goal, and trending suggested only 30% funding by the end.

As it wasn't going to be a success, McGee decided to gamble even further by ending it now and launching another Kickstarter to "campaign for the Alice films rights" instead.

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