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American McGee "would have cancelled" OZombie even at $900k funding

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Alice: Otherlands has been successful on Kickstarter but only because American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse scrapped their currently running OZombie campaign, which sought $900k.

The problem though is that $900k wouldn't have been enough for the game to see completion, but asking for $1.5 million would lead to people thinking 'he's crazy'. Otherlands ended with $222,377.

American McGee's Alice: Otherlands film completes Kickstarter funding successfully

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American McGee's third chapter in his self-proclaimed "Alice Trilogy", Alice: Otherlands, has finished its Kickstarter fundraising drive after a relatively short 20 day period. It finished with $220K backing; the Kickstarter goal was $200K.

Spicy Horse "sacrifices" Oz Kickstarter for "real chance with Alice"

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American McGee's Kickstarter campaign for an 'Oz Action Adventure' has been terminated early. With 20 days left it had achieved just 15% of its $950k goal, and trending suggested only 30% funding by the end.

As it wasn't going to be a success, McGee decided to gamble even further by ending it now and launching another Kickstarter to "campaign for the Alice films rights" instead.