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Aliens: Colonial Marines Features

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Interview: Chris Capel has a chat with the game’s senior producer, and doesn’t blow him out of the goddamned airlock. That’s a step up for him.

We started the day with an argument: what was the name of Newt’s doll in Aliens? The general consensus was “Rebecca”, but I pointed out that this was actually Newt’s real name, not the doll’s. Took me a while, but I came back with the answer: Casey. My Alien-geek credentials established (not at all to do with the internet-connected iPhone I had on me) I sat down with...

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Preview: In multiplayer no one can hear you scream...

First the bad news. Despite being promised a play on the recently announced ‘Escape!’ multiplayer mode I was unable to do so since it’s not quite ready for public consumption. SEGA and Gearbox are being a bit mysterious about it but from what I gathered using my PR interrogation skills it’ll be similar to Versus Mode in Left 4 Dead (not the last time I’ll mention that game in...

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Preview: Chris Capel previews Gearbox’s eagerly anticipated shooter. He's got a Class 2 Rating.

The excitement on going to see a demonstration of my most wanted shooter of 2012, Aliens: Colonial Marines, was unfortunately dampened by the recent news that it wasn’t actually coming out in 2012. Still, it didn’t matter. Aliens is one of my favourite films, but in gaming terms it’s never been quite got right. Oh sure, a couple of great Aliens Vs Predator...