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Aliens: Colonial Marines Latest News

New mod aims to make Aliens: Colonial Marine a better game

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The debacle that was Sega and Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines marks a dark point in the franchise's interactive series. The game was universally panned by most critics, including our own, for its terrible A.I., numerous bugs, and overall poor quality. Now, an enthusiastic fan and modder has taken it upon themselves to overhaul the game and make it into a quality experience befitting of the Alien mantle.

Sega's Colonial Marines lawsuit court filings accuse Gearbox's Randy Pitchford of doing "whatever the **** he wants"”

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Got your popcorn and your mega-size cola? Good, because it's time for the Sega/Gearbox Jerry Springer Special. In this installment, Sega have got the knives well and truly out for Gearbox and specifically its CEO Randy Pitchford.

According to Sega it was Gearbox who were responsible for the unrepresentative demos of Aliens: Colonial Marines that are the sticking point of this whole sorry mess.

Sega may have to pay out $1.25 million to get out of Colonial Marines lawsuit

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Sega might have to pay out $1.25 million to settle a lawsuit that claims the publisher falsely advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines. If successful, the settlement would effectively allow Sega to avoid further litigation.

When Colonial Marines was released back in 2013, fans were shocked at the difference between initial gameplay trailers and the final product. It looked almost as bad as it played.

Gearbox seeking an exit from Colonial Marines lawsuit, claim they made no money from the game

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In news that will probably not garner much sympathy from anyone who played the frankly awful Aliens: Colonial Marines, developer Gearbox has revealed that they didn't make any money from the game.

How terrible! The revelation is part of a legal statement from Gearbox's lawyers, who are looking to get the company removed from a false advertising lawsuit brought against them and publisher Sega last year.

Colonial Marines backlash 'completely reaffirmed' Alien: Isolation's direction

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Creative Assembly are handling one hot potato of an IP as they develop Alien: Isolation, as the last time the franchise scurried out through a vent it got chased right back in from critics and fans alike.

However the Total War creator sees this as a validation of their own vision and approach, which is taking everything back to the original film. No more gun runs.

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