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Aliens vs. Predator Features

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Interview: Who do you want to be? One of Sci-fi's most iconic franchises is back, and in the hands of veterans. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

For many of our generation, Alien was one of those classic Sci-fi franchises that, whilst slightly before our time, was something handed down to us by our peers and defined our childhood. For Oxford-based Rebellion Studios, it marked their first commercial success, and allowed them to enter the videogames development world. Now, after an 11 year hiatus, they're back with an update of their very first game,...

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Preview: The classic villain vs. villain franchise returns, and this time it's been taken back to basics with veterans Rebellion Studios. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

These days, anyone hearing the phrase 'Aliens Vs Predator' would most likely associate it with the recent films that, whilst ok, were a little bit trashy and a blemish on what was otherwise a pretty decent franchise. What many people might not know however, is that the concept of crossing over the Alien and the Predator movies has been around since Predator 2, and that brief glimpse of an...

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Preview: Please be good... (PS3)

Despite a long list of AvP films failing to set the cinema alight, there's huge potential in the classic hybrid formula. The games have followed trend, often resulting in remarkable anticipation until release day, where it becomes obvious that the title is going to warm the inner body of the bargain bin rather than the coveted belly of players' consoles. Each developer has seemed...

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Preview: Time to fight off some face huggers.

Aliens vs. Predator is a name everyone knows. It has Aliens, it has the Predator...what isn't there to like about it? And it's only been ten years since the last AVP game was released, so now's the perfect time to bring a new one, with all our wonderful graphical and technological advancements! It's time for the real, true AVP game.So how do you make the truest-to-form...