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Bundle Stars announces Daedalic Mega Bundle

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Bundle Stars is beginning to rival Humble Bundle with its sweet bargains for PC packages at super-low prices. The difference between the two is that while Humble Bundle is time restricted, Bundle Stars has limited quantities; there's a set number of bundles that can be sold, and if you're too slow, you're out of luck.

Daedalic announces point and click fairy tale Anna's Quest, set for 2015 release

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Daedalic Entertainment, the German developer seemingly responsible for just about every single adventure game released these days, has announced Anna's Quest, a darkly comic point and click tale that's coming to PC in 2015.

The teams describe it as "a fable-driven, black comedy 'point and click' adventure game that's inspired by The Brothers Grimm & Hans Christian Andersen... with a sci-fi twist!"

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