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PS3 Essentials released on PSN

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Sony has announced that the PS3 Essentials are now available for digital distribution on PlayStation Network.

Cameron: Avatar "had to prove itself" first, videogame suffered

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Director James Cameron has said the Avatar videogame was a victim of bad timing, as it hit shops "well before the movie" and so was an 'unknown'.

The movie had to "prove itself" and by the time it did the game "was kind of old news" and didn't perform well. Game itself was "damn good job".

Games to "catalyse" 3D adoption

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Movie director James Cameron, a man who loves his 3D, says it will be videogames and not films that are "going to be the drivers" of promoting the third dimension.

There's going to be a "stampede" of 3D videogames which hasn't happened yet because of the "cycle creation has lagged" so far. They'll 'propel autostereoscopic'.