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This indie city-building effort is flawed but fascinating.

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Mods officially supported with Banished 1.0.4 update

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The indie medieval town builder Banished has been updated to version 1.0.4, and the highlight is the floodgates bursting to community mod support. It's the "first official release supporting mods".

Memory usage has been beefed up to help saved games with larger modded maps than allowed by default. Still, maps too large will result in crashes. Steam Workshop is booming in trade for Banished.

Medieval town sim Banished releases DRM-free on and on Steam

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Indie sim Banished has released unto the world bringing with it an appreciation for medieval peasant life as we build our very own town bustling with hardship and smoking chimneys. We must balance resources to survive.

There'll also be the odd disaster to work around as we nurture our settlement. It' DRM-free on but also available on Steam. Our townspeople "work, build, get older, have children" and die.

Medieval city builder Banished to arrive in February

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Banished, the medieval city-building game developed almost entirely by lone developer Luke Hodorowic, will arrive on February 18.

Medieval city builder Banished "pretty much done", due January 2014

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Luke Hodorowicz from Shining Rock Entertainment has revealed that the 3 year development on Banished is "pretty much done", and that he's closing in on a launch date in January. A $20 price tag is likely.

There are no multiplayer plans for Banished, although combat could be part of an expansion. This medieval city builder puts us in charge of a fledgling village.

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