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Bethesda "has concerns" about multiplayer combat game Battlecry

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Free-to-play team-based multiplayer game Battlecry may be in a spot of trouble, according to a statement from publisher Bethesda.

First announced back at E3 2014, the game did make an appearance at this year's show, but ever since then it's sort of dropped off the radar. Here's the not entirely promising statement that Bethesda sent to Australian site Progress Bar.

You can now sign up for the Battlecry beta

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Battlecry Studios has announced that players can now head on over to its website to sign up for the upcoming Battlecry beta. Publisher Bethesda also showed off a new trailer for the team-based brawler, showing off the Han Republic team.

Consisting of specialist characters from across East Asia, including a Korean bowman and a Mongolian dude with a great big bloody hammer, the Han team will take on the British Empire-inspired Imperial Marines, and the the Russian-themed Cossack Empire in fast-paced, steampunk battles.

E3 2015: Bethesda Showcase live June 14th @ 7.00pm PDT / 15th @ 3.00am GMT+1 - Watch it here!

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The very first conference kicking off E3 2015 next week is from Bethesda and it's also their very first dedicated showing. They'll be commanding our attention Sunday, June 14th @ 7.00pm PDT, or early Monday June 16th in UK and Europe.

It will be live streamed via dark Internet sorcery and we've embedded it for your convenience. They've got some big guns on stage including the recently announced Fallout 4, and the long awaited DOOM sequel.

BattleCry is Bethesda's free-to-play multiplayer action game, beta set for 2015 on PC

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Half-Life 2 and Dishonored's Viktor Antonov brings us a new warped world with BattleCry, which Bethesda announce as a free-to-play multilayer action game supporting 32 players between two teams.

The Royal Marines and the Cossacks do battle in sanctioned WarZones, with unlockable ranks granting new abilities and increasing loadouts of these elite warriors.

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