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Blood Knights Summary


Blood Knights Review

Like a vampire's bite, it's over before it becomes too painful.

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Blood Knights arrives on XBLA November 1st, PC and PS3 November 13th

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Vampire-themed and medieval-set hack 'n' slash Blood Knights is set for Xbox Live Arcade this week, announces Kalypso Media. However it's sinking fangs into other platforms two weeks later November 13th.

We're promised "quick, deadly combat" in this "ferocious cooperative monster slaying" game. Humans and vampires are locked in battle, so we get RPG elements to give us an edge.

Blood Knights the first game under Kalypso's digital division

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Kalypso is launching its digital division, ""Digital First" with Kobalt Games. The first game for the division, whose motto is "Digital. First. Quality. Gaming", will be Blood Knights, which is being developed by Deck 13.

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